Get Better at Color Management with Brenda Hipsher of Calibrite

Color! In today’s episode, Host Cirina Catania talks with the VP of Sales and Marketing for Calibrite, Brenda Hipsher, and discusses their world-class color management tools for creatives in the photo, video, and film space. And, listen carefully, there’s a very interesting promotional offer from the folks at Luminar. Calibrite’s developers are a passionate group…

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Future-proofing your 3D & Cinema 4D Editing skills with Nick Campbell of Greyscale gorilla

Everyone needs help ensuring that their skillset remains competitive. Nick Campbell, CEO/Founder of Greyscalegorilla, joins OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania, to talk about future-proofing your creative and technical skills. He shares some exciting news on how Greyscalegorilla Plus can help people learn about 3D and Cinema 4D. In a time where 4-year schools and colleges…

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