Tim Standing Explains How SoftRAID 7.5 Monitors our Hard Drive Health

Tim Standing, OWC’s VP of Software Development for Mac, is a long-time friend and one of the planet’s smartest technologists. His new version of SoftRAID (7.5) works natively with the new version of Mac OS and is now available for download.  In case you weren’t aware, SoftRAID is Tim’s invention and what better way to get…

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Tim Standing – SoftRAID, Storage, and Pizza

Tim Standing, VP Software Engineering at OWC, understands every creative’s nightmare. Disaster strikes and you lose a massive amount of your precious work. It could be fire, flood, ransomware, or even something as common as a failed drive. SoftRAID warns us of an impending drive failure, and although it can’t predict earthquakes, we can rest…

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