Thunderbolt 4 Hub

OWC’s Larry O’Connor – News on Docks, Hubs, Envoys, and Steamrollers

Let’s talk about the external peripherals that drive pre-production, production and post, and manage our data via the entire ecosystem of our companies, no matter the type. Larry O’Connor, the Founder and CEO of Other World Computing (OWC) talks with our host, Cirina Catania, about some of their new and proven go-to solutions. They went…

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OWC Announces Thunderbolt 4 Hub

Today on OWC RADiO, it’s all news! OWC recently announced a new hub for Thunderbolt 4 PCs!  Our host, Cirina Catania, and OWC’s Mark Chaffee give us the details of this new and very welcome solution. Through one TB4 port on this dock, OWC says, “you can connect and charge any device with a USB-C or…

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