Chris Vrenna


Chris Vrenna is a musician, Grammy® award-winning producer, engineer, remixer, songwriter, video game composer and programmer. Vrenna has worked with such bands as NIN®, Gnarles Barkley®, Marilyn Manson®, Metallica®, U2®, Weezer®, David Bowie®, The Smashing Pumpkins®, Hole®, Rob Zombie® and Green Day®. He's worked on music for several video games such as Doom 3, Quake 4, Alice, Enter The Matrix, Sonic The Hedgehog and Need for Speed Most Wanted. Chris is also an Avid clinician for Digidesign ProTools.


OWC: Thanks for taking the time to do this.

CHRIS: Of course.

OWC: That's awesome.

As you know I showed you the link to the music page getting started to gear up for some more of that stuff. Who better then you to have an interview.

CHRIS: I own like 700 OWC drives.

OWC: I was going to ask you how many you have but you have probably lost count.

CHRIS: I have totally lost count. Looking in my box and I probably got about 30 in that box.

OWC: Going to go over some questions, how long you have been a customer. I looked in the system and saw that your first order was 6 years back.

CHRIS: I couldn't even tell you when I was a customer at first. It has been a long time, I can tell you that much.

OWC: How did you find out about OWC?

CHRIS: If I remember correctly it was back when everything was switching over from SCSI to FireWire and I was working with another producer named Joe Chiccarelli on a project and Joe was using your drives and he said this company, these drives always work. I got the faster drive at the time with the clear case. I forget what they're called now, but they had the oxford chipset. He said your drives were always Pro Tools compatible right out of the gate and everything. So I said ok, cool, I will try them out. There it was. It was really that simple. I have never had one your drives go down on me, ever! Like ever! ever, ever, ever.

With drives getting so big and so inexpensive. The last one I bought from you was a portable 500 gig drive. That is my new LE rig. I bought one of those Korg nanoKEYs, the new little $50 things. The Mbox 2 Micro right. Got your tiny little OWC 500 gig portable drive. MacBook with 4 gigs of RAM, dual 2.4 ghz, which is as fast as the new computers are. Didn't really bump the speed that much, it was more of a case redesign. I got your 500 gig drive hooked up to FireWire. I loaded up BFD on this laptop. I put on there my library for Omnisphere, which is 30 gig to 40 gigs. I put on my Komplete library on here, everything is RTAS'd, you know like my LE rig. The complete library is like 10 gig or 20 gigs, something like that. So I got all my libraries and synth stuff for all my instruments and I still got enough room for 300 gigs left over to record to. It is a pretty rocking little rig and it all fits in this tiny little carry-on.

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