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Get an Incredible Performance Boost for Your Mac.

SSD vs HDD performance shoot-outs.

An OWC SSD upgrade is the easy DIY remedy for a sluggish Mac. With an new OWC SSD, everything on your Mac happens at lightning speed. Your Mac boots in seconds, not minutes. Apps launch in an instant, and data operations like loading and saving happen in a snap. The performance difference is simply astounding - OWC SSDs, available up to 4TB, deliver real-world performance up to 100x faster than hard drives.

SSD Electra 6G
OWC SSDs are designed and built for your Mac first
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Industry leading 3 and 5 year warranties
Complete kits with tools make upgrading easy for everyone
Step-By-Step Video Guide
Free comprehensive installation videos guide your upgrade step-by-step

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Industry Reviews

“Offers Eye-Popping Speed, As Well As The Peace of Mind of Consistent Performance Over Time” – James Galbraith, Macworld
Ars Technica
“With the Mercury Extreme Pro 3G installed, the MacBook suddenly seemed like a new machine. The speedup is...impressive” – Chris Foresman, Ars Technica
“As close to "instant on" as a MacBook Pro of this vintage is going to get... after using the Mercury Extreme Pro... I not only bought the test unit...I also ordered another SSD from OWC” – Brad Moon,
“An entirely new class of product ... astonishing speed, robust performance ... blows away anything from Intel or Crucial ... (sets) a new bar for performance ...” – Lloyd Chambers,
“Power users can rejoice at the speed and performance increase this SSD delivers” – Florence Ion, MacLife
The SSD Review
“This Drive is a Rocket of a SSD... We Have to Give Two Thumbs Up” – Les Tokar - The SSD Review