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Memory Trade-in Rebate
OWC Upgrades for:

iMac Core 2 Duo Models Mid 2007

iMac Mid 2007 For iMac Core 2 Duo Models with Model ID: iMac7,1
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For iMac Core 2 Duo Models with processors: • 20" 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo • 20" 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo • 24" 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo • 24" 2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme
• Maximum of 6GB Total Memory Supported
Memory 4GB Kit 2GB x 2 $18.99 ADD TO CART Memory 4GB Module $68.99 ADD TO CART Memory 6GB 2GB + 4GB Set $72.99 ADD TO CART
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Apple iMac Core 2 Duo Memory Upgrade Options
Product Description Ships Price
1.0GB Upgrade (1024MB Module)
Same Day
2.0GB Upgrade Kit (1.0GB Modules x 2 Matched)
Same Day
2.0GB Upgrade (2048MB Module)
Same Day
4.0GB Upgrade Kit (2.0GB Modules x 2 Matched)
Same Day
4.0GB Upgrade Kit (2.0GB Modules x 2 Matched) CAS 4 Low-Latency
Same Day
4.0GB Upgrade (4096MB Module)
Same Day
6.0GB Upgrade Kit (4.0GB + 2.0GB Module Set)
Same Day
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What to do with the replaced memory or hard drive?
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OWC will give you a trade-in rebate when you send us the Apple Memory or Hard Drive you have replaced with upgrades from Other World Computing.

Trade in rebates available within 60 days of purchase.

Click for more details including current memory trade in offers.

With the right tools you can install your memory module right in the comfort of your own home. Our exclusive installation video shows you how.

Downloadable installation instructions here.

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OWC Warranty
All OWC Memory is covered by an OWC Memory Lifetime Limited Warranty including the OWC Lifetime Advanced Replacement Program and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! This warranty shows our commitment and confidence in the product we sell. OWC certifies and tests ALL OWC memory to ensure that this memory meets or exceeds the specifications for those systems a module is listed as being correct/compatible with. Unlike the competition, OWC owns and maintains our own lab that includes nearly every Apple/Mac model we list compatibility for.

In addition to the long testing every OWC module undergoes before shipping (which goes well beyond industry standard 'short testing'), we also continuously batch test modules in the actual systems they are offered for. You can count on OWC to consistently deliver the top quality memory products you need, correct for your system for a lifetime of reliable operation.
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