OWC Argest IngestPRO

Powerfully Simple Tool for Ingesting BRU, LTFS, and TAR Tape, Disk, and Camera Card onto your macOS System in a Single Button Click

OWC ArGest IngestPro Screenshot

Simple Yet Comprehensive

ArGest IngestPRO removes the guesswork of what tape format you might receive from clients and/or other sources. It automatically identifies if the tape has BRU, LTFS, or tar files and with one simple click, you start ingesting the tape data to your Mac with library support enabled. You can also ingest data from HDDs/SSDs/CDs/DVDs and camera cards for a comprehensive ingest tool. Bottom line, if you can connect the media type to your computer, ArGest IngestPRO can process it.

Customizable and Cost-Effective

For the ultimate in control, a one window control menu offers the choice of ingesting specific content by folder or file name. You can also maximize your tape library investment by choosing to overwrite existing files.



Choose your source type, source device, tape type, and click…that’s it!


Ingest data on BRU, LTFS, and tar tapes, disks, and camera cards


Choose to ingest specific content only


Ejects tape from drive when ingest is complete


Get most use life from tapes by choosing to overwrite existing files

What Makes BRU Better Than All Other Formats?


BRU is the fastest software available. Streaming SAS LTO-7 and LTO-8 at 322MB/sec (see more details about achieving this LTO-7/LTO-8 speed) and LTO-6 at over 160MB/sec with ArGest® hardware, BRU™ software. Even better performance and lower latency is seen with BRU and Fibre Channel LTO-7 and LTO-8 tape.

Verifiability & Error Recovery for Restore

BRU™ archives are properly and fully verifiable on any OS BRU supports at any time, and is the only backup tool that can recover from errors–if a bad bit is detected on your media, BRU™ advances in device block increments until it can read and restore the data once again without aborting your restore. And if your archive spans multiple tapes, and you lose a tape to damage or theft, BRU™ will restore all the rest of the data from all the tapes you have, something no other product will do.


BRU™ supports almost all tape devices, VTL, cloud, and and disk storage out of the box. Full support for SAN configurations and live database backup on Linux, macOS, Unix, and Windows with the Windows Open File Manager. BRU™ also provides multiple workflow options for backup/archiving/restore of the same or different data simultaneously. ArGest® BRU Server™ supports any number of tape drives attached, and up to 99 tape slots in a single library out of the box, for 100+ tape slots enabled on a library, add the 100+ tape slot add on to unlock 100-an unlimited number of tape slots supported.

True Cross Platform Recoverability

All BRU™ archives are verifiable and restorable on any OS BRU supports (there are currently 24 of those), and with any version of BRU regardless of the OS they were created on. BRU™ is fully backwards compatible, and BRU™ will never leave you with archives tied to a data set, specific OS, version, or type of hardware.


With BRU™, you have a source for help and a company that has been committed to data backup and restore since 1985. All BRU™ products are fully compliant with best business security practices including those mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley.

Attention to Detail

All special characters, ACLs, special attributes, permissions, and foreign language characters (including left to right languages) are correctly handled by BRU™. Integration with major DAM/MAM solutions for our Media and Entertainment Customers.

Expands OWC Storage and Archival Ecosystem

Expands OWC Storage and Archival Ecosystem

Digitized organizational content is projected to grow 50-70% annually while licensing, regulatory, and compliance requirements are becoming more stringent. With ArGest Software Solutions powered by BRU Technology and tape storage solutions like the Mercury Pro LTO, you can count on OWC to provide you ultra-reliable, high-performance backup and archival solutions.