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OWC Mercury Elite Pro� Classic Portable Solutions
OWC Mercury Elite Pro Classic Portable Solutions
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USB 3.0
Compact and versatile
High-Performance 7200RPM Drive with 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, or 64MB data buffer gives you maximum storage in an ultra-portable design. Stylishly designed in a sleek, impact-resistant acrylic, the Mercury Elite Pro Classic incorporates shock-isolation technology to protect your precious data inside. The Mercury Elite Pro Classic is a true must-have for users like you who are seeking high-performance and highly reliable storage.
In today's modern mobile work force, this is the reliable solution that's as mobile as you are!
OWC Mercury Elite Pro Classic Portable Solutions USB 3.0
(USB 2.0/1.1
Backwards Compatible)
0GB $59.99
500GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache $75.00
1.0TB 7200RPM 32MB Cache $147.99
2.0TB 7200RPM 64MB Cache $179.99
3.0TB 7200RPM 64MB Cache $179.00
4.0TB 7200RPM 64MB Cache $259.00
OWC Mercury Elite Pro
See OWC's Mercury Elite Pro
Multi-interface desktop storage.
500GB – 4.0TB from: $99.00
OWC On-The-Go Pro
See OWC's On-The-Go Pro
Multi-interface portable, bus-powered storage.
350GB – 1.5TB from: $74.99
Key Features Include:
  • Cool Blue Activity Indicator LED!
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Fully Suitable for Audio/Video Applications
  • Large 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, or 64MB Data Buffer
  • The best chipsets on the market
  • Shock Resistant Design
  • 3 Year Solution Warranty
  • All Cables Included
  • UL Listed U.S./International Auto Switching 90 ~ 240v, 50/60Hz input, 12 Volt 2 Amp output Power Supply (adapter plugs for International use sold separately). For replacement power supply, click here.
  • Intech® SpeedTools Utilities™ OEM (For Mac OS 8.6 - X only)
  • Prosoft Engineering® Data Backup for Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later
  • NovaStor NovaBACKUP® for Windows® 2000 or later
  • View detailed software info
Stack 'em up
or Stand 'em tall
Models include:
Macworld 4.5 mice
Prosoft Engineering® Data Backup 3 for Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later
Backup Made Easy. Data Backup makes it easy to backup to FireWire and USB drives, network drives, CDs and even DVDs. Make schedules so you don't need to 'think' about backing up... It does it for you. A $59.00 Value! View detailed software info, or click here to purchase software separately from solution

Novastor NovaStor NovaBACKUP® Solution for Windows®
NovaBACKUP has been helping millions of users recover from data loss and disasters for over 18 years. Feature rich, NovaBACKUP provides a powerful backup solution. Built-in support for hundreds of the most popular storage devices and a step-by-step backup and restore wizard makes NovaBACKUP extremely easy to use. Requires Windows 2000 or later. A $49.95 Value! View detailed software info

Intech SpeedTools Utilities Intech® SpeedTools Utilities™
Intech SpeedTools consists of a suite of utilities managed by an application which controls the launching, documentation and version control of each individual component utility, such as Disk Defrag and QuickBack. An easy-to-use installation and removal application is provided to make installation a snap, yet powerful enough to allow you to customize which utility component set you would like to create. An $89.95 Value! View detailed software info, or click here to purchase software separately from solution
System Requirements:
Macintosh® Requirements:
Apple® OS 8.6 to 9.2.2, 10.0.x or later including ‘Lion’ 10.7.x and an available FW800/400, eSATA, USB 3.0, or 2.0 port. Note: Some older operating systems will not support the speed improvements of USB 3.0, but will still work as a USB 2.0 device.
Windows® Requirements:
Windows 98SE or later and an available FW800/400, eSATA, USB 3.0, or 2.0 port.
Linux Requirements:
Linux compatible via supported USB and FireWire interfaces.

7200RPM Hard Drives only
OWC recommends FW800 & eSATA interfaces