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3.5in SATA Internal Hard Drives

3.5" SATA I / II / III Hard Drive

Shop Serial ATA Internal Hard Drives from $34.50 Serial ATA

Serial ATA - Fast, Simple! Serial ATA (SATA) provides High-Performance with the ease of Plug n’ Play. No jumpers to mess with, just plug in and you're off! With data rates of up to 300MB/s, SATA delivers for today’s computing needs.
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HGST 3.5in SATA Hard Drives HGST DeskStar & UltraStar 7200RPM Serial ATA Hard Drives
More Capacity, More Performance, More Reliability. Exceptional 3.5" Serial ATA 6Gb/s & SAS for Desktop and Enterprise.
4.0TB from $139.00    8.0TB from $299.00
Toshiba Internal 3.5in SATA Hard Drives Toshiba 3.5" 7200RPM High-Performance 6Gb/s SATA & SAS
Providing exceptional, class leading performance and with the latest in energy-efficient design that saves power and reduces heat.
Up to 6.0TB from
$34.50    1.0TB from $47.99
Western Digital 3.5in SATA Hard Drives Western Digital Caviar 3.5" 7200 RPM Serial ATA Drives
Caviar SE, Caviar Black, Caviar Raid-Edition, and Caviar GreenPower Serial ATA Hard Drives
Up to 6.0TB from
$52.99    1.0TB from $52.99
Seagate 3.5in SATA Hard Drives Seagate Barracuda LP & 7200.xx Serial ATA Hard Drives
Leading High Performance SSD/HDD Hybrid, 7200RPM, and Energy Efficient drive options for needs of all kinds.
Up to 12TB from
$54.99    2.0TB from $79.99
OWC 3.5 SATA Solid State Drives OWC High Performance Solid State Drives
Supercharge your Desktop/Tower with performance up to 92X faster than a Hard Drive + Low Power and Silent Operation
Up to 2.0TB from $36.99    240GB from $129.50
iMac Complete Kits for
            Upgrading your iMac HDD Upgrade/Replace with up to 10TB in iMac Kits
from $27.99
USB 3.0/2.0 Universal
Drive Adapter "Must have accessory"
only $29.88
External Drive Enclosures Docks, Single Bay, Multi-Bay and Tray Systems
from $29.88
Serial ATA/SAS 3G/6G Standard & RAID models Internal/External Ports + add up to 24 drives per controller!
Options from $29.00
OWC Multi-Mount For adding 2.5" drives to 3.5" bays and 3.5"drives to 5.25" bays
from $17.99



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