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macbooks pro upgrades

Upgrade options for

  • MacBook Pro Intel® Core Duo 15" 1.83GHz
  • MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo 15" 2.0GHz
  • MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo 15" 2.16GHz
  • MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo 17" 2.16GHz

Works with Model Identifiers: MacBook Pro1,1 & MacBook Pro1,2.
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MacBook Pro Upgrades (2006 - 2008 Models)

Recommended Memory Upgrades
1.0GB Upgrade
2.0GB Upgrade
View the latest Memory Performance Tests HERE!Warranty Safe Upgrade

Why do I need more RAM?All MacBook models have two memory user accessible memory slots with support for up to 2GB (2048MB) maximum. Apple recommends that memory be installed in matched size pairs for maximum performance. With a matched pair installed, Apple notes that both memory banks can be accessed at the same time for a maximum memory throughput of up to 10.7GBps.

Apple® MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade Options
Other World Computing Other World Computing
512MB Upgrade (512MB Module)
Same Day
1.0GB Upgrade Kit (512MB Modules x 2 Matched)
Same Day
2.0GB Upgrade Kit (1.0GB Modules x 2 Matched)
Same Day

DIY Kit Hitachi 500GB 5K500.B

Featured Hard Drive & SSD Upgrades
for MacBook & MacBook Pro

OWC Mercury DVD, DVD-DL & CD burner for MacBook 15" Complete Internal Upgrade/Replacement Kit
Up to 8x DVD, 6x DVD Dual-Layer, 24x CD Burn Speeds (& Read).
1 Year OWC Brand Standard Limited Warranty.
Learn More about Upgrading/Replacing your Optical Drive
For MacBook Pro 15" - Click Here
Options for MacBook Pro 17" also Available, Click Here
Drive + Media / Software Bundle $59.99 Drive Only $49.99
Media Software Bundle Option includes:
  • Prosoft Data Backup (Mac OS X); NovaStor NovaBackup (Windows)
  • NTI Dragonburn 4 DVD/CD Authoring Software for Mac
  • 10 Pieces of 8X DVD-R Media with mini-Jewel Cases
All "DIY Kits" include - Drive, Bus-Powered Portable Enclosure and Tool Kit. The tool kit enables easy installation of the new drive and data transfer from the original drive. Continue using that drive for additional storage and backup. View All DIY Kits