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OWC Memory Upgrades For Mac Pro (2008)

Up to 64GB memory

Works with the following Model IDs

  • MacPro3,1
  • Rigorously in-house lab tested
  • Easy DIY install videos
  • OWC MaxRAM Certification
  • Lifetime advanced replacement warranty

OWC Memory

Available for Quad-Core and 8-Core machines

  • This Mac has eight available memory slots.
  • Four or More FB-DIMMs installed provides the best performance.
  • Must upgrade using matched pairs.
  • Backed by an OWC Limited Lifetime Warranty.

FB DIMM technology takes advantage of multiple channel access. Apple recommends the use of 4 or more modules to take advantage of this 256-Bit Wide memory architecture. Modules must be installed in pairs, each module is 64 Bits Wide + 8 Bits for Error Correction (ECC).

Install Videos

Our step-by-step installation videos guide you through upgrading your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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Mac Pro (2008) video screen

Solid State Drives

Shop SSD specifically for your Mac Pro Experience the true speed of your mac with an OWC SSD flash storage upgrade. Select your Model ID below.


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