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OWC Memory Upgrades For Mac Pro (2009)

Up to 128GB memory

Works with the following Model IDs

  • MacPro4,1
  • Rigorously in-house lab tested
  • Easy DIY install videos
  • OWC MaxRAM Certification
  • Lifetime advanced replacement warranty

OWC Memory

Available for Quad-Core and 8-Core machines

  • This Mac has four or eight available memory slots.
  • Install in pairs for best performance.
  • High performance multi-channel memory.
  • Backed by an OWC Limited Lifetime Warranty.
16GB Module - Buying options

1066MHz DDR3 PC3-8500 ECC Registered

Apple Mac Pro "Nehalem" & "Westmere" models utilize high-performance multi-channel memory addressing that benefits from the installation of matched memory sets

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