OWC USB-C Travel Dock

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OWC USB-C Travel Dock

Up to 100W Pass-Through Power
Faster charging for your notebook
and devices.

Built-In Cable Storage
Cable tucks away to keep everything neat and tidy.

Quick Specs:

  • HDMI
  • SD Card Reader
  • USB-C
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-A)
  • Mac, Windows & Chrome

Simplify Your Mobile Life

  • 5 ports of connectivity: (2) USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-A), (1) HDMI, (1) SD card, (1) USB-C power pass through
  • Power options: Bus powered or use existing USB-C power adapter
  • Charge while working: Up to 100W pass-through power for a notebook or other devices1
  • Neat and tidy: Built-in cable storage
  • Compatibility: USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 notebooks, tablets, and devices running macOS, Windows, Linux, iPadOS, Android, and Chrome OS

  • Performance & reliability at an exceptional value

  • Enhance connectivity on the go

  • Industry-leading warranty & support. Get help »

  • Top review ratings

OWC USB-C Travel Dock with photography equipment and MacBook Pro

Run Your Day Anywhere

Your office is wherever your work takes you — that day. With a single cable connection, the USB-C Travel Dock puts five essential ports at your fingertips wherever you are: on-set, on location, at the studio, or lounging at a coffee shop. Add ports to your Mac, PC, iPad and iPad Pro, tablet, or phone with a built-in USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port.

Powerful Options

When you're on the go, having power and charging options can help keep your work flowing. The USB-C Travel Dock can be used via bus power when you don't have access to a power outlet. Or use your notebook USB-C power adapter to deliver up to 100W of pass-through power and use the open port on your computer to connect another device.

OWC USB-C Travel Dock power pass through
OWC USB-C Travel Dock with DJ setup

Catch Your Inspiration

Whether it’s time-lapse photography, live events, or urban exploring, the USB-C Travel Dock helps lighten your load of adapters and dongles while expanding your connectivity options. With minimal gear, you can find inspiration anywhere, download your SD card quickly, and keep capturing the moment.

OWC USB-C Travel Dock in presentation

Plug and Wow

It’s important to make your work — not technical issues — the focus of your meetings. The USB-C Travel Dock features an HDMI port for easy display connections up to 4K resolution, so you can plug in and focus on delivering a memorable presentation.

OWC Dock Ejector

Disconnect in One Click

Safely disconnect multiple drives in a single click. OWC Dock Ejector was designed by OWC hardware and software engineers to ensure all data is written before disconnection, saving time and protecting against data loss. It makes losing your hard-earned work a thing of the past.

OWC Innergize - Photographer on mountaintop

Innergize Your Workflow with Highest Performance and Reliability

OWC Innergize™ is the first stage of the Capture to Completion™ ecosystem of OWC products designed to seamlessly propel professional photographers, videographers, and content creators to the highest level of workflow performance and reliability. This OWC custom-designed app is a complete health, performance, and field upgrade management tool when using OWC Atlas memory cards with OWC Atlas readers and reader equipped products.

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Work with Maximum Confidence and Reliability

OWC Innergize - Health


Over time and use cycles, flash memory does wear out. Innergize verifies and reports the percentage of use life remaining. Now you can work with full confidence your OWC flash memory product will deliver the reliability you can trust.

OWC Innergize - Sanitize


Writes, deletes, and formatting all take their toll on memory cards. Innergize cleans and restores the flash memory performance of OWC memory cards so you can get the best results on every use.

OWC Innergize - Field Upgrade

Field Upgrade

When new cameras or firmware updates to existing cameras are introduced, they may not work properly with flash memory cards and drives. Innergize gives OWC memory card users the ability to quickly upgrade their firmware in the field for full compatibility, additional performance enhancements, and bug fixes for optimal reliability.

OWC, Trusted by Pros & Enthusiasts the World Over

OWC, Trusted by Pros & Enthusiasts the World Over

We build our hardware to the highest standards of reliability and performance. Because 100% reliability is always the goal, we rigorously quality test and back our hardware with a 2 Year OWC Limited Warranty and award-winning customer support.

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  1. Total power delivery dependent on capability of attached USB-C power adapter.
  2. Thunderbolt 3 ports are universally compatible with USB-C cables and devices.

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