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OWC Upgrades for Mac Pro

Mac Pro 2013

Make a Great Mac, Even Better

You don't need to get a new Mac to get more performance. Install up to 12-cores of pure processing performance, and make your Mac Pro do more with a processor upgrade from OWC.

  • Extend the life of your Mac Pro
  • Upgrade to a more cores to run applications faster and run more applications simultaneously. Get more done faster - period.
  • Install with confidence using our step-by-step install video.
  • Upgrade now for up to 82% Less vs. original Factory Cost!

We do recommend that you have prior experience, patience, and a general comfort level with the self-servicing of Mac Computers for this upgrade process. This upgrade typically requires approximately 1 hour to perform including the dismantling of your Mac Pro, processor replacement/upgrade, and re-assembly. Using our step-by-step video, the right tools, and in a space appropriate for this upgrade your Mac Pro can be ready to delivery at a whole new level of performance.

OWC Recommended Processor Upgrades

Processor 6-core
  • 3.5GHz
  • 12MB Cache
  • Intel Xeon Processor
  • E5-1650v2
$29.00 $500 original factory price LEARN MORE
Processor 8-core
  • 3.0GHz
  • 25MB Cache
  • Intel Xeon Processor
  • E5-1680v2
$119.00 $800 original factory price LEARN MORE
Processor 10-core
  • 3.0GHz
  • 25MB Cache
  • Intel Xeon Processor
  • E5-2690v2
$249.00 OWC Exclusive not offered by factory LEARN MORE
Processor 12-core
  • 2.7GHz
  • 30MB Cache
  • Intel Xeon Processor
  • E5-2697v2
$299.00 $1200 original factory price LEARN MORE

Recommended Toolkits

Make sure you have the right tools for the job!

Toolkit OWC 72-Piece Advanced Toolkit OWC is known for helping pros and DIYers get the job done. This complete toolkit is all you need to service or repair your computer, tablet or other small or household devices. only $34.99 SHOP NOW Toolkit NewerTech 14-Piece Portable Toolkit The rugged, zippered, woven-nylon outer casing keeps your tools assembled in a small, convenient package and the padded interior ensures your tools remain right where you left them. only $18.99 SHOP NOW

Prefer for OWC to do the work?
Check out our Turn Key upgrade service from $299 including processor, installation, and return shipping.
Watch the OWC DIY Install Video
Get Even More From Your Mac Pro
Memory OWC Memory = FasterMac for Mac Pro Late 2013 - Early 2019
  • OWC Supports up to 128GB in all Mac Pro 2013 models
  • 5-minute super-easy install
  • FREE DIY install videos
  • Save BIG vs factory upgrade options
  • Lifetime Warranty
32GB to 128GB kits now from $69.99 SHOP NOW
SSDs OWC DIY SSD Upgrade Kits for Mac Pro Late 2013 - Early 2019 Expand your Pro's powers with a larger and faster OWC SSD.
Free install video guides your DIY upgrade.
Up to 2.0TB from $78.99 SHOP NOW