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OWC Upgrade Service for 27-inch Apple iMac (2010)

Apple Model ID: iMac11,3

iMac (2010) Upgrade Service FAQs »

Apple SSD
Does your Apple iMac 27" 'Mid-2010' already have an Apple 256GB SSD Option?
If the iMac 27" you would like upgraded DOES have an Apple 256GB SSD option installed, this SSD will need to be removed. You may select from options below for it to be returned to you, kept by OWC for Trade-in, or converted to an external drive.
(Subtract $25)
(Add $50)
(Add $125)
VERY IMPORTANT: For this upgrade program, it is NOT necessary that your Apple iMac 27 'Mid-2010' model be factory equipped with an Apple 256GB SSD option, or that this option is available at all on the Apple iMac 27 Mid-2010 model you own now or are planning to purchase.
eSATA port / SSD
Upgrade your iMac with an external eSATA port or add an internal OWC SSD
Please select if you would like to add an eSATA port to your iMac.
Otherwise, you can select the OWC SSD option of your choice (up to three OWC SSDs can be installed).
(Add $20)
(Add $60)
(Add $110)
(Add $210)
(Add $360)
(Add $740)
Upgrade/Replace the Existing Stock 3.5" Hard Drive
Replace the existing factory 1TB or 2TB (or self-upgraded drive) located in the iMac's 3.5" bay drive with an OWC SSD or HD of your choice.
(Add $120)
(Add $170)
(Add $200)
(Add $240)
(Add $380)
(Add $70)
(Add $100)
(Add $150)
(Add $250)
(Add $400)
(Add $780)
OWC SSD / Card Reader
Additional OWC Solid State Drive (SSD) Option
To add an additional high-performance SSD, please select from the options below:
(Add $90)
(Add $130)
(Add $190)
(Add $290)
(Add $440)
(Add $820)
IMPORTANT: This option requires that the built-in Apple SDHC Memory Card Reader be disabled, and the OWC 68-in-1 Media Reader/Writer (USB 2.0 External) is included. The OWC Reader supports the same SD Slot functionality as well as additional media card types including Compact Flash, SmartMedia, MMC, and more.
Add up to 16GB of memory
Add up to 32GB of memory to your Apple iMac
Your memory upgrade will be added to your iMac's existing memory, unless the memory upgrade you select requires the use of memory slots that are already occupied. With two and/or four modules installed, configurations of 4GB, 8GB, 12GB,16GB, 24GB and 32GB are supported for your iMac. If memory needs to be removed for your memory upgrade, an OWC representative will contact you with options to either return the removed memory, or submit the memory for cash back via an OWC Trade-in Rebate.
(Add $40)
(Add $60)
(Add $120)
(Add $180)
(Add $230)
Select the Warranty Coverage for Your Enhanced iMac Solution:
OWC will assist/fulfill the iMac factory warranty, as well parts and labor, for all OWC installed enhancements. The warranty term start date is based on the serial number of your iMac, and the Apple recorded date of sale for the machine upgraded.
(Add $199)
OWC Shipping
Shipping your iMac to OWC for the Upgrade Program
Please select an OWC Pickup Label provided service option:
(Add $45)
(Add $80)
(Add $95)
(Add $100)
Please note:
OWC requires that the mailing label used to send in your iMac includes an attention line referencing the OWC service reference number. An OWC representative will contact you to provide the service reference number and your label (if requested) within 24-48 hours. Once we have received your iMac, please allow 1-3 days to complete the upgrade process.

There is a $25 cancelation fee for any iMac Upgrade service canceled after payment has been received, but prior to upgrade work being performed. Once the upgrade has been performed, the service cannot be canceled so take one more moment to review your upgrade options.

Any items ordered along with this iMac upgrade will be held on order until the upgraded iMac is available to ship. If there are items you would like to receive prior to the availability of your upgraded iMac, you will need to place a separate order for those items.

If you have questions about the Turnkey iMac Upgrade Service, please check our extensive FAQs:

Also, you may view the entire Terms of Service of the Turnkey iMac Upgrade Service here to further address any other questions.

For more information feel free to use our online Live Chat, e-mail customer support, or call us toll free at 800-275-4576.
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