Mac to Windows SoftRAID Volume Conversion

Created on: June 9, 2022
Last updated: April 12, 2024

Many OWC products are sold and shipped with pre-installed drives that contain a Mac RAID volume, most often one created in SoftRAID. Windows users who purchase these select OWC products will need to convert the Mac volume to a Windows SoftRAID volume. Please be sure to verify that the volume has not been used to store any information, prior to following the steps below. If data is present, a backup should first be created.

Download and install SoftRAID for Windows, which has a feature for converting Mac SoftRAID volumes to Windows SoftRAID volumes. The Windows version can be found at

  1. Connect your OWC product to a Windows device.

  2. Launch SoftRAID for Windows. The Mac SoftRAID volume will appear as an option under “RAID VOLUMES”. The listing will contain a notice: “APFS volumes aren’t currently supported in SoftRAID for Windows”.

  3. Right-click the device to check if Safeguard is checked and enabled. Safeguard will have a check mark next to it if enabled (as shown below). Click on “Protect with Safeguard” to disable it. Confirm your choice to disable this feature when prompted.

  4. After ensuring Safeguard is disabled, right-click on the device and delete the volume by selecting “Delete”. Confirm this action when prompted.

  5. After the cleaning process completes or has been canceled, a new Windows SoftRAID volume can be created under the “RAID VOLUMES” category. Select “New RAID Volume…” to create a Windows SoftRAID volume.

  6. Select the desired RAID volume among RAID 0, 1, or 5.

  7. Choose the disks that should be used in the RAID volume and click “Next”.

  8. Edit the RAID settings as desired and click “Next” (Default selections highlighted).

  9. Select “Create Volume” to complete the Windows SoftRAID volume creation process.

  10. The created volume will appear under the “RAID VOLUMES” category and is ready for use in Windows.