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USB-C Dock (All): Host Charging (USB Power Delivery)

Created on: June 21, 2017
Last updated: April 19, 2022

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The USB-C Dock is capable of delivering up to 60W of power to charge the battery in laptop host computers with USB-C connections. If the laptop uses a power adapter that provides more than 60W, the laptop should still charge via the dock, albeit more slowly than with the native adapter.

When charging from the dock, bus-powered devices connected directly to the host may experience performance issues. If this occurs, connect the USB-C host computer to its native power adapter from Apple, in order to provide the maximum power available. More generally, any time the native power adapter is connected to the host, the USB Power Delivery spec is designed so that the native adapter will take precedent and the host will begin charging from that device instead of the USB-C Dock.