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eSATA Extender Cable Adapter: Performance Issues

Created on: May 11, 2013
Last updated: April 19, 2022

Article applies to: NWTMPQXES2

If you encounter performance issues or a lack of throughput when using the cable adapter, the source of the problem may be the total length of the adapter plus your eSATA cable. SATA cables have a working length limitation of 1 meter (39"). The extender cables act as a pass-through to the internal bus ports. The length of the internal connecting cable is 18" which leaves 21" or less for the SATA cable.

If you are using an SATA cable that is 21" or longer, that can cause problems with the connected eSATA device. Please try a shorter SATA cable.


Additional Notes: hot-swapping is not supported with this device, nor is port multiplication. If your main SATA cable is less than 21" and your process includes either hot-swapping or a device setup that requires port multiplication, this could also be a source of the problem. Please contact Technical Support if you need additional assistance.