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USB-C, Thunderbolt Explained

The following articles have been posted on the Rocket Yard blog, to help understand the similarities and differences between USB-C and Thunderbolt 3, as well as new Thunderbolt 4 information. * Should You Upgrade to USB-C? [

Thunderbolt 4: Are My Thunderbolt 3 Products Obsolete?

As we mentioned in an earlier Rocket Yard post, “Intel Introduces Thunderbolt 4: What Is It and Does It Matter? []” Intel released the specifications and expectat...

Thunderbolt 3 Laptops: Battery Mgmt. (10.15.5 )

In macOS 10.15.5, Apple released a new feature designed to help manage the charging and lifespan of batteries in Thunderbolt 3 Mac laptops. Called Battery Health Management [], the feature "is designed to improve yo...

Power Adapter Troubleshooting

A devices power adapter should be considered for troubleshooting if issues are being experienced. These issues can include, but not limited to, no power to the device or inconsistent recognition of the device by the host. * Troubleshooting expected po...