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OWC & NT Storage Solutions Lion Ready.

You know that feeling when you’ve upgraded to a new operating system and you find that your favorite peripheral doesn’t work any more? We sure do; it stinks.

That’s why we’ve gathered all OWC and NewerTech storage solutions, including ‘legacy’ products from way back in our past and have tested them for compatibility with OS X 10.7 Lion.

You know what? They all work.

So if or when you switch to the new OS, you can be sure that whether you attach your OWC or NewerTech storage solution to your Mac via USB, FireWire, or eSATA, it’ll work just as well in 10.7 as it did in the versions before it.

Now if we only had the same sort of assurance for software…

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  • I have a Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 5.5 terabyte, when I loaded Lion it saw the drive as a 2.2 terabyte and I could not access the drive. I have a lot of data on the Pro Qx2, how can I recover it when no data is seen by Lion? This is a disaster.

  • I have a OWC mercury elite AL Pro Qx2 with 4 1.5 TB drives. Since upgrading to Lion, I cannot access the external drive. What do I do, install a new drive? Which one? I am connected to the computer with Firewire 800. Thanks

    • We’ve tested the Qx2 to be fully Lion compatible. If you’re experiencing an issue with yours, please contact our technical support department at 1(800)275-4576 and they can assist in getting you back up and running.

  • I recently purchased item DOIESATAPCIE21B – an eSATA card for my quad Xeon Mac Pro – I have it connected to
    a 4 drive external system. It works fine with Snow Leopard – but when I installed OS X 10.7 Lion, none of the eSata drives show up at all, including my Time machine drive. I had to move the TM drive to inside my MacPro so I could restore my drive back to BEFORE I installed Lion and get all my drives working again. That was NOT a nice surprise! Any idea when drivers will be available for that DatOptic card? Remember, I bought it from OWC, not from DatOptic – it’d be nice to get everything working on the eSATA bus

    • The card uses the Silicon Image 3132 chip set and, from our testing, that driver does work with Lion.

      However, we’ve seen some cases where the driver itself was not installing correctly under Lion. Manually removing the Sil3132 .kext file from the extensions folder and reinstalling the driver seems to clear up any issues though. Feel free to contact our Technical Support Department at 1-800-275-4576 and they can assist with the driver removal and reinstall.

  • Does this include the PCI cards? Or are you only referring to the OWC/NewerTech badged components?

    I just installed Lion on my Mac Pro which was using a Sonnet PCIe E2P eSATA card, and the card doesn’t work, even with the latest driver installed from Sonnet’s homepage. I realise that’s something I need to take up with Sonnet support, but in light of this article I’m wondering whether it’s something that was tested?

  • In preparation for Lion i’m planning to upgrade my Mercury Extreme Pro (3G before they were labelled 3G) 240gb to a 480gb. I’m trying to decide whether to go with an MEP3G or an Electra 6G.

    My current machine is a MacBookPro6,1 although I plan to upgrade as soon as the next refresh hits. I understand I won’t get the full 6G performance on the current MacBook Pro but for an extra $75 investment I’ll should get a ‘free’ boost at the next hardware upgrade.

    My specific question is whether the Electra on 3G will be as fast or faster than my existing MEP3G?

    • Hi James…we’ve positioned the Electra as “fast like a 6G, priced like a 3G”. So, if you are going to upgrade on the next refresh AND Apple supports 6G without issue like that found in the 2011…esp the 17″…then I’d say the Electra is your best bet for the cost.

      The Electra will run as fast or faster than that the 3G in a 3G machine…but has the upside of being twice as fast in a 6G…