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OWC’s RAID solutions now feature 3.0TB Drives!

Even as prices on ultra-fast SSDs continue to wind their way down, the capacity on traditional, platter-based hard drives increases.

Earlier in the month, Western Digital announced a 3.0TB hard drive. Not long afterward, Hitachi came out with their own 3.0TB drive. OWC uses Hitachi drives in most of our external storage solutions so adding this 3.0TB model to our lineup is a natural for us.

While various limitations mean we can’t put this drive into every model we carry, we are able to offer the following RAID solutions with this new bad boy:

Get the absolute maximum in all-in-one storage for your system with OWC!

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  • I just picked up the Mercury Elite Al Pro Dual and tried to put two 3.0 TB Hitachi drives inside and I can’t get it to recognize more than 2.2TB in Span mode, or two 2.2TB disks in JBOD mode. I’m on OS X 10.6.6. How did you guys get it to work? Does the enclosure firmware need to be updated to be able to work with 3.0 TB drives? How do I do that?

    • It depends on the model you have. If you have the triple-interface model, then there is a switch inside the enclosure that needs to be flipped; if it is the quad-interface enclosure then there is a firmware update that would need to be run.

      In either event, our Technical Support team would be happy to assist at 1 (800) 275-4576.

  • No doubt that they would, MacRat. But before we offer anything, we do extensive testing to make sure that there are no issues with chipset compatibility, firmware, drive transfer speeds on specific drive to enclosure matchings, multiple OS interactions, etc.
    Testing and development is still in progress at this point. Stay tuned to the OWC blog as we’ll be announcing our findings regarding 3.0TB drive compatibility once the process is completed.

  • Curious that you are offering the 3TB in multi bay enclosures.

    I would have expected a new drive that is expensive and in limited quantities would sell better in the single drive enclosures like the the Elite-AL Pro and miniStack.

    12TB QX2… droool :-)