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2011 iMac Unboxing & Teardown

Today, Other World Computing received our first 2011 iMacs. For your viewing pleasure, here is a gallery including unboxing photos of two of the machines as well as some teardown photos of the 27″ iMac 3.4GHz model:

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  • So will OWC offer any external thunderbolt enclosures in the future? I’d really like to hook up a 6g to my 27″ iMac via thunderbolt even if I can’t have SATA III.

    • I’m certain we will be offering thunderbolt enclosures in the future sometime, however we don’t know yet when exactly that will be.

  • Can you please comment on whether or not the cables/mount for adding and SSD are present. That is the million dollar question.

    • How we mount them in our Turnkey Service is a proprietary process. So, if you are DIYing it, you do need to consider how you will secure the drive as we only offer the drive.

  • So let’s see – Apple provides a hard drive that has a typical 3 year warranty, the SSD drives come in a 3 year warranty lower line or 5 year warranty upper line if 3rd party advantages are used such as OWC’s program.

    Okay since we are stuck with SATA II, any way OWC could see its way clear with offering the larger Western Digital Velociraptor drive as a replacement option for the 3.5″ drive? If I understand correctly, it uses less power, certainly faster than near all 7200 rpm drives and has a 5 year warranty. I think it might be a good match with a SSD addition.

    I think that Thunderbolt is interesting with the ability to add 6 devices in a mix mode. I hope that Intel clarifies any challenges such as how to handle different “speed” devices with adapters so that USB1, USB2, Firewire 400/800 can be hung on a line with SATA II and III and let all run at best speed advantage.

    I look forward to seeing OWC offerings that match well to Thunderbolt.

  • Is there a spot to do an aftermarket SSD upgrade? or is it back to the caddy option again?

  • Is there any improvement on installing additional SSD compared to the June 2010 release? I’m looking to put two OWC SSD into a RAID Strip.

      • That would be an impressive 500+MB/s for read write. Is it achievable by connecting two SSD into two Sata ports OR 1 SSD to Sata port + 1 SSD to the DVD bay?

        • Each internal SATA port can accommodate one SATA drive. As the bare machine from Apple, there is one port that connects to the hard drive, one that connects to the optical drive and a third in reserve (for Apple’s SSD option).

          Which connector goes to which drive depends on the options chosen in our Turnkey Upgrade Program, but the results are the same in those benchmarks whether the drives are located in the main bay, secondary bay or optical drive bay.

  • Hi

    Am wondering if this machine can fit 2×3.5″ harddisk in there?

  • As i see from your pictures apple is using the WD1001FALS.

    How is the noise level of that drive, since the 2010 iMacs had a lot of troubles there ?

    • The WD1001FALS drive, according to Western Digital, operates between 24 dBA and 33 dBA.

  • COuld you please comment on question about a second SATA for wiring your SSDs?

  • OWC Michael and OWC Mike H,

    Thank you for the pictures of the new iMac. It certainly looks like serviceability is improving. The picture quality was excellent.

    Now, it would be wonderful for the RSI-afflicted if you could present such a slide show without requiring mousing to a new screen location for each picture change. Maybe even figure out how to use the arrow keys?

    Thanks again.

    OWC customer since at least 2001.

  • Does this have SATA III or not? Also is there a second SATA wiring for one of your SSDs?


    • From everything we’ve seen so far, the SATA bus speed is 3.0Gb/s. So no SATA III in these models.

  • by 2011 iMac do you mean Apple is ready to release the much-awaited update to the iMac line?

      • Michael,
        I can’t find this option available on OWC’s main website. Can you point me to the right product? I just purchased a brand new iMac 27″.