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Having trouble getting a pro vocal sound in your home studio?

One of the most under-appreciated problems in home recording is the sound of your room.  Ever record a vocal track in your home studio (typically a bedroom or basement) and despite the great vocal performance, great preamps, and top of the line microphone, the track still doesn't sit in the mix right?  We've all had the problem where the vocal...

Instant Drummer in your Mac!

No drummer sits and plays eight-bar patterns robotically over and over again, and that's why your virtual drum tracks may be sounding lifeless and unrealistic. Enter FXpansion's BFD2 BFD2 is an acoustic drum production environment for your computer with unprecedented...

Hidden Gems of OWC: The OWC Tech Center

One of the most overlooked sections of our Web site is the OWC Tech Center. Here, you can find all sorts of information regarding many products purchasable from OWC. We have a section dedicated to videos that teach you how...

Professional recording with an iPod

It's taking the Mac and pro audio world by storm, and its name is ProTrack.  Alesis, one of the world's leading pro audio and studio electronics manufacturers designed the ProTrack to provide a convenient, direct-to-iPod stereo digital recording solution in...

OWC and Blue Microphones

OWC is proud to announce our new partnership with Blue Microphones. The folks at Blue created quite a stir at Macworld 2009 winning Best of Show for their Mikey iPod Recorder, while their Eyeball HD Webcam/Mic was the toast of...

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