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Data Backup 3 Updated to Version 3.1.1

In case you didn't know this, all OWC and Newer Technology storage solutions come bundled with a copy of Prosoft Engineering's Data Backup 3 software. Data Backup 3 is a powerful utility that allows you to backup, restore and synchronize your data with minimal effort. Whether you are a new computer user or a seasoned professional, Data Backup 3 offers...

1.4 million files can’t be wrong… or can they?

Recently, while doing a little "housekeeping" on my work Mac, I noticed that I had less than 10% of my drive available. While I do have a lot of large project files I work on from day to day, I...

We’ve Gone Bananas With A Bunch of Instructional Videos!

What with all the holiday hijinks, preparations for Macworld, and all the other stuff we've been reporting about lately, our highly-acclaimed Instructional Series of videos seems to have taken a back seat, with nary a mention since mid-December. Well, that's...

OWC Install Videos now in iTunes

When I was a young child, my father worked in an auto-parts store, and he would regularly bring home broken or defective auto-parts for me to take apart. Most of the time, these parts were dirty, oily, and smelly things...

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