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Ejecting stubborn CDs/DVDs from your Mac

It's not incredibly common, but it does happen once in a while—a disc gets stuck in your optical drive. There are a number of ways that this could happen, but it usually occurs when the disk is unmounted but doesn't get ejected. Being unmounted, the Mac doesn't think there is anything in the drive, so further attempts to eject prove fruitless....

Mac mini can make your power bill a mini, too!

Maybe it’s just where I work, but it seems like I’ve been hearing a lot about the Mac mini lately. From upgrading the mini Servers, to adding one to your home theater system, to fixing the one in my Dad’s...

A chicken in every pot, a Mac in every kitchen

I love to cook. I do 85% of the cooking in our house and create, test, alter and enjoy all types of recipes. My cabinet is full of cookbooks and three binders full of recipes I have printed out, torn...

iChat: The Little Application with Super Powers

One of the hidden gems on every Mac sold over the last half-decade is iChat. Many people think of iChat as Audio / Text / Video chat only. And while iChat does all three of those things very well, there is a less documented feature of iChat that should put it at the top of your list of tools for helping other Mac users

Add a Mac mini to Your Home Theater System

The Mac mini has always kind of been the “odd man out” in the Mac lineup. It doesn’t fit the “four-square” lineup (consumer desktop, consumer laptop, Pro desktop, Pro laptop) Apple introduced years ago. It’s infrequently updated, slightly underpowered, and...

New Installation Videos: PowerBook G4 15” & 17”

Installation junkies rejoice! We’ve got some more instructional videos for you. This time around we’re covering the two machines we’ve received the most requests for: the 17” PowerBook G4 and the 15” PowerBook G4 (Aluminum). For each ‘Book, we show...

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