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Testing Lab

2009 Mac Pro “Nehalem” Initial Speed Tests

In initial testing on the base processor speed of the new 8-Core Mac Pro, we've seen a much faster performance, up to 40%. We used the TotalBenchmark product, developed by Media-Motion.TV. This test uses Adobe After Effects CS4 with multiprocessing enabled in the After Effects Preferences and no other programs running in the background. While the test was designed originally...

New Mac Mini Rammed

Apple says the new Mac mini is good for up to 4GB RAM max. Maybe you’ve read of people who’ve put 8GB in it. Well – yes, it will boot with 8GB installed, but 4GB is the true limit of...

Cautionary Note On Mac Pro Memory

We already noted in a previous blog post that page 56 of the Mac Pro (early 2009) manual may not correctly explain in which RAM slots new DIMMs should be placed, but there is another issue RAM issue too. While...

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