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Networking and Security Series: Wi-Fi Security Revealed

Earlier this week, we began a month-long series designed to bring Rocket Yard readers up to speed on networking and security. The series began with an article detailing DNS (Domain Name System), a critical component of the Internet. Today we...

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The KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

Monday is the least favorite day of the week for a number of people, but yesterday’s news that the heart of Wi-Fi security — Wireless Protected Access II (WPA2) — had been compromised through a vulnerability called KRACK really made...

Install iOS 10.3.1 Immediately to Avoid a Wi-Fi Vulnerability

The iOS 10.3.1 update that came out earlier this week might have seemed like "just another security and bug fix update", but the security notes issued for the update provide a reason why every owner of an iOS device running 10.3 should...

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Tips for Travelers: Staying Safe On Public Wi-Fi Networks

Rocket Yard Contributor Steve Sande is out of the country on a great adventure, so he’ll be providing readers with a lot of helpful tips over the next month that can help them use their tech gear confidently and safely...

Tech Tip: How To Check The Speed Of Your Wi-Fi Connection

More people than ever are using streaming video as a way to keep themselves entertained or even bypass expensive cable TV accounts. To get the best possible streaming experience, a fast Wi-Fi connection is imperative. Today the Rocket Yard looks...

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