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Ian Cohen using an iPad to control a DAW

Recording Made Easy With an iPad Connected to Your DAW

Most home and project studios are run by songwriters, musicians, and composers who fall under the “Me, myself, and I” category of producer. Recording is not easy for people who are doing it solo. Not only are they writing the...

Ready for next scan

How to Scan and Store Documents with the Files App

Tax time. It usually means gathering all sorts of paperwork together, stuffing it into an envelope, and then getting it to an accountant. This year, many accountants are trying to do less face-to-face, and asking clients to scan and upload...

iphone airdrop icon

AirDrop Files From Your iPhone or iPad to Your Mac

One of the most useful features built into Apple's operating systems is AirDrop. Part of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, AirDrop provides a way to quickly send information between two devices. I personally use it multiple times per day to send...

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