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Tag Archives: iPhone 4

OWC Radio #59 – Podcast Of The Apes

"It's a mad house! A mad house!" Steve Jobs retires. Apple loses an iPhone prototype...again! Orangutans are the next demographic using the iPad. Have we gone bananas? Journey with us as we figure it all out! OWC Radio is a...

OWC Radio #52 – Education, Publication, Vibration

Has Apple become the Big Brother they rebelled against in 1984? How large should the role of tech be in education? Has internet privacy gone the way of the dodo? Join us as we shake out the answers to these...

Verizon to offer iPhone.

As with most things Apple, any announcements by—or related to—their products is subject to national media attention and wild speculation. Such was the case with today’s Verizon event; the announcement last week coupled with photos of a slightly modified iPhone...

Listen To The Music

With the latest focus on iPhones and iPads it’s easy to forget the iDevice that started it all ... the iPod. While an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad do so much more than just iPod functionality, the iPod has become...

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