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Tag Archives: iPhone 4

Les Tokar Interview & Apple Event – OWC Radio #39

This week, OWC Radio host Tim Robertson talks with Les Tokar, the owner and operator of The SSD Review. If you only listen to one podcast to learn about SSD's, this is the show you want to hear. Everything from...

When a free lunch isn’t good to eat.

While the excitement over the 2010 iMacs is certainly something to feast on, sometimes we need to cleanse our palettes with news from other areas of the Apple ecosystem. You remember that iPhone 4 antenna hullabaloo a few weeks back?...

Serving up a plate of crow to the naysayers.

Antennagate Fails To Feed The Mob

We're not going to resummarize the whole Apple "iPhone 4 Antenna" press conference; every other tech blog has already done that, many of them in real time. As OWC Mike H. said to me earlier today, it was eerie how...

Battle for Hoth, FaceBook, and iPhone 4 – OWC Radio #34

iPhone 4 press conference and Apple’s plan to fix the Antenna-gate issue. Tim talks about the his own problems with the iPhone 4, and what Apple plans to do to fix the problems he has had. Star Wars: Battle for...

iPhone 4 Antenna Issue…Overblown or Toyotaesque?

If you've been anywhere near a newspaper, television or computer lately, you've probably heard about the antenna defect in the iPhone 4 that causes it to lose signal when held in the hand. Is this problem worthy of all the...

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