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Mac Catalyst: iPad Apps, Now on Mac

Mac Catalyst Adds iPad Apps to Catalina

Do you sometimes wish that those great apps that you have on your iPad would have a native counterpart on your Mac? Mac Catalyst is a feature that allows iPad developers to easily port their apps to macOS, and there are already a number of apps available that mirror their iPadOS counterparts. Let's take a look at how Apple is marketing Catalyst to iPad developers as a way of increasing the market size for their apps, as well as some of the Catalyst apps that are available on the Mac App Store.

iPhone manage subscriptions screen

Master Your Apple Subscriptions

One of the biggest changes to Apple over the past ten years has been the move to subscription services. Whether you're a subscriber to Apple Music, iCloud Drive, Apple News+, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, or have subscriptions that are related to individual apps, we'll show you where to go to keep those subscriptions under control from any of your devices.

Quick Tip: How to ‘Accept’ an App in the Mac App Store

After I bought my new iMac (and stuffed it with memory from OWC) I decided to start fresh instead of simply transferring all my data over from my older Mac. Everything went smoothly ... at first. However, when I went...

Quick Tip: Managing macOS File Associations

Do you know what a "file association" is? Although it sounds like a club for people who like to use steel tools for smoothing or shaping hard materials, it's actually an information technology term referring to applications that can open...

macOS Reversion: How to Downgrade from Mojave

macOS Mojave has a lot going for it: plenty of new features, new security and privacy safeguards, even new apps, such as News and Home. Even with all the new capabilities, some of you may find yourselves wishing for one...

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