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Tag Archives: OSX

Don’t be Surprised by Mountain Lion Requirements.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is on its way, and we’re all looking forward to all the new features and tweaks that this latest version offers. Unfortunately, not every Mac user is going to be able to ugrade to Mountain...

Lion Launches as Shuttle Gets Ready To Land.

While the last flight of the Space Shuttle rapidly approaches its finale, Apple’s latest iteration of OS X is ready to take flight. While we’re certainly sad to see the end of an era of space exploration, we can’t help...

OWC & NT Storage Solutions Lion Ready.

You know that feeling when you’ve upgraded to a new operating system and you find that your favorite peripheral doesn’t work any more? We sure do; it stinks. That’s why we’ve gathered all OWC and NewerTech storage solutions, including 'legacy'...

Dismantling the Trojan Horse (or why MacGuard isn’t a concern)

Aside from a couple of “conceptual” examples shown at conferences here and there, the only real piece of malware on the Mac that’s made it “into the wild” is the now infamous MAC Defender and its variants....one of which, MacGuard, has...

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