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OWC RADiO: Paul Matthijs on Data Management and Remote Editing

OWC RADiO host Cirina Catania talks with Paul Matthijs, CEO of Hedge. Their solutions, Hedge (for multiple, check-sum backups), and Postlab (remote editors dream solution), are chugging away every day on our end to help us manage numerous copies of our data and...

Screenshot of Postlab

OWC RADiO: Postlab’s Solutions for Remote Collaboration

Isacc T is the US Workflow Architect for Postlab, a robust solution that allows teams to work remotely using proxy files. Postlab via its parent company, Hedge, is one of the prominent solutions to the ever-elusive search for a seamless remote collaboration platform, eliminating the need for XML transfers and allaying our fears concerning versions.

Ian McDonough, CEO, Blackbird

OWC RADiO: Cloud Video Editing and Publishing With Ian McDonough

This week, we release the first in a series of interviews on the topic of remote collaboration. OWC Radio host Cirina Catania talks with CEO Ian McDonough of Blackbird about its well-established track record in this arena. Although the latest...

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