Ian Grech edited an amazing documentary currently streaming on Netflix called “14 Peaks.” Our host, Cirina Catania, talked with him about how he managed to juggle over 100 hours of footage in multiple formats using Premiere Pro.

“14 Peaks – Nothing is Impossible.” is a compelling documentary currently available on Netflix. It tells the story of Nimsdai Purja, a fearless Nepali athlete and his vow to climb every mountain in the world higher than 8,000 meters in less than 7 months. It was a death-defying feat and Nims broke several world records in the process, including the fastest ascent of all peaks over 8,000 meters without supplementary oxygen. His final finishing time was 6 months, 6 days!

Of course, the story is fascinating, because of the physical and mental challenges, but also because of the heart-warming backstories of Nim’s family and friends.  

Cirina spoke with Ian about his workflow, Premiere Pro, building the storylines from a myriad of  different media formats and sub-stories. Ian worked with over 100 hours of footage!

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