OWC’s Larry O’Connor, and Other World Computing, are committed to helping us understand regenerative agriculture. He explains why in this interview with host, Cirina Catania.

Larry O’Connor is more than the founder and CEO of Other World Computing. He donates much of his time and a sizable percentage of the profits from OWC’s business endeavors on issues that he believes need to be addressed in the world. He helps the planet and everyone and everything that inhabits it with his initiatives in support of non-profits such as “Kiss the Ground,” and Charity Water.

We enjoyed this interview because it is a discourse on regenerative agriculture, which is a new way to farm and which the movie exec produced by Larry, “Kiss the Ground,” highlighted during and following its release.

A new sequel, “Common Ground,” has recently been released and we encourage you to search for it in your neighborhoods or by going to Kisstheground.com for more information.

What is regenerative agriculture and why is it important to all of us?  This kind of subject is always interesting, and as we dig further, we find that perhaps the old way of tilling the soil may very well NOT be the best for soil health. This type of farming places emphasis on that health, which in turn produces more food with high nutritional value.

According to proponents of this theory, more carbon is stored in the ground, and biodiversity flourishes.

That is good for the farmers, for us, and for Mother Earth.

So, take a break from your tech tasks, from scrolling, and listen in to one of our country’s top business entrepreneurs as he discusses why he gets involved in films such as “Kiss the Ground,” and “Common Ground.”

Tune in for another fascinating interview with OWC’s Larry O’Connor.

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ABOUT OWC: Other World Computing, under the leadership of Larry O’Connor, has expanded to all corners of the world and works every day creating hardware and software that make the lives of creatives and business-oriented companies faster, more efficient and more stable.  Go to MacSales.com for more information and to discover an ecosystem that serves your needs. As Larry says, “Our dedication to excellence and sustainable innovation extends beyond our day-to-day business and into the community. We strive for zero waste, both environmentally and strategically. Our outlook is to the long term, and in everything we do, we look for simplicity in action and sustainability in practice. For us, it’s as much about building exceptional relationships, as it is about building exceptional products.”

ABOUT OUR HOST: Filmmaker Cirina Catania, the Co-Founder and prior Executive Director of the Sundance Film Festival, and Founder and Lead Creative at The Catania Group Global, has been involved as a writer, director, producer, cinematographer or marketing exec on over 150 film, television and new media projects for the big screen as well as for networks such as National Geographic, Discovery, etc. She was a senior executive at MGM-UA and United Artists and is a member of the WGA-West, the PGA, IATSE Local 600, NPPA, the National Press Club, and more. Cirina lives in San Diego, D.C. and Berlin when she is not on the road filming for her projects or for clients, or speaking as a tech evangelist for companies such as Blackmagic Design and Lumberjack System. Cirina is the Founder and Executive Director of the High Media Collective (HSMC) a national nonprofit with top industry mentors bringing CTE solutions, media literacy and new career pathways to classrooms across the country.

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