This week Host, Cirina Catania talks with the ever-extraordinary electronic musician, Rhys Fulber. And she shares some great news from Tim Cook and the folks at Apple…Lumafusion has been awarded “Best Video App for 2021,” on the App Store.

You will love this conversation with Rhys. He is a truly international musical genius who was born in Vancouver of a German father and a mother from Great Britain.  Rhys grew up with the sounds of Led Zeppelin, Kraftwerk and the local punk rockers blasting from his father’s recording studio. At the age of 13 he began drumming, sometimes gigging with his Dad, and he was always at the studio. In 1984, he became interested in electronic music and once he got his first synthesizer, life changed for him!

He became friends with Bill Leeb, who had just left Skinny Puppy. Rhys’ early adventures included collaborations with Front Line Assembly and eventually tours with that group as well as Delirium well into the late 90’s. It was fun talking with him and I found him to be quite understated when it comes to talking about himself…He mentions the time when Sara Mc Lachlan dropped in on him and liked what she heard. They collaborated on that work! And a few years later, he worked with Sinead O’Connor.

Of course, we talk about the GEAR that he uses to tour and create his electronic music, and I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating.

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