Welcome back to OWC RADiO with your host, Cirina Catania! Today we share the story of an incredibly brave, courageous, and kind person, Wes Plate, who enjoyed major success in the tech world, overcame his personal demons – alcoholism and depression, and now runs ultramarathons!

He is a winner on all counts!

He not only survived, he became an elite athlete who runs ultramarathons such as the Moab 240 and the Cocodona 250. 

Wes is someone who is well-known in the tech world, and he hasn’t shared the details of his personal story until recently. 

He remains a dear friend to us and we are proud of him. 

How did all this happen and how did he win this difficult personal battle?

For many years, he and his father developed translation products that made post-production easier for all of us.   Their company Automatic Duck, was a staple at all major tech industry events. By 2011, Wes and his Dad had gone to work with Adobe. Wes eventually moved to Apple as one of the key members of the ProApps team and recently left Apple to pursue new adventures.

Cirina Catania talked with him about his tech career and his races.

Here’s a link to his latest documentary filmed during the Cocodona 250 race. It is fascinating!

Find Wes on Instagram @midpackelite

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