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How to check my MacBook’s RAM

Checking how much RAM you have on your MacBook is easy. Go to the Apple menu, then select About This Mac. From there, a window appears and displays the amount of memory installed.

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Apple MacBook RAM upgrades

Why ditch your old MacBook if you love it? You don’t have to! Depending on the model year and screen size, you can give some MacBooks a memory upgrade. Unfortunately, it is impossible to upgrade the RAM on MacBook Air devices. But there are ways to free up the RAM on your MAC to boost performance, and it only takes a little effort. We’ll discuss it all right here.

Can the RAM of a MacBook be upgraded?

MacBook RAM upgrades aren’t possible for many MacBooks, especially recent MacBooks, as the RAM is not permanently fixed to the motherboard. However, you can upgrade older MacBooks and MacBook Pros. For example, you can get a MacBook RAM upgrade on all models from 2008-2011. You can also upgrade the RAM and boost the performance of MacBook Pro 13” models (2009 – 2012). MacBook Pro models from 2008 – 2012 can get a Mac RAM upgrade, and so can all the 17-inch models.

At OWC, we make it easy to get a MacBook memory upgrade. If you own a MacBook (Late 2009 – 2010), you can add up to 16GB of memory. You can also add up to 16GB of memory to MacBook Aluminum (Late 2008) and MacBook (Late 200-2010). And if you’re still using a MacBook (Mid 200 – Mid 2007), don’t fret. You can add up to 3GB of memory.

Want to increase the speed of your 2006-2010 MacBook 13-inch? An OWC SSD flash storage upgrade can do the trick. We have various SSD drives available for various MacBook models.

How can I add more RAM to my MacBook Pro

You can add more memory to any non-Retina MacBook Pro model. Our step-by-step installation videos will help guide you through the process.