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G5 – Dual & Quad Core
Late 2005

Model ID: PowerMac 11,2
How to find this?

Add up to 16GB

Using pairs of 2.0GB and 4.0GB Kits

2.0GHz, 2.3GHz - Dual Core
2.5GHz - Quad Core

G5 – Dual Processor
Early 2003-2005

Model ID: PowerMac 7,2 & 7,3
How to find this?

Add up to 8GB

Using pairs of 1.0GB and 2.0GB Kits

1.8GHz, 2.0GHz, 2.3GHz
& 2.7GHz
- Dual Processor

G5 – Single Processor

Model ID: PowerMac 7,2 & 9,1
How to find this?

Add up to 4GB

Using pairs of 1.0GB and 2.0GB Kits

1.6GHz - Single Processor

1.8GHz - Single Processor

1. Use of ECC Memory in 2005 G5 Optional.
Apple standard included non-ECC memory in 2005 Apple Power Macintosh G5 Models and offered ECC memory as an option. In order to use ECC Memory in Power Mac G5 - all installed memory must be of the ECC Non-Registered type. ECC memory is recommended when using G5 as a high-performance server or for mission critical applications which require precision data with no error tolerance. ECC Memory is able to correct errors caused by random neutrino partical encounters. These encounters result in 'bit flips' which can cause a various OS correctable errors, system crash, or worse, go uncaught by the system with the result of a corrupted data point. For more information, click here.

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