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Memory Upgrades for iMac Pro (2017 - Current)

Actual product may differ slightly in appearance.

OWC Memory Upgrades

For iMac Pro (2017 - Current)

Up to 256GB memory

Works with the following Model IDs

  • iMacPro1,1
  • View our memory performance tests
  • Easy DIY install videos
  • OWC MaxRAM Certification
  • Lifetime Warranty on all OWC Memory

OWC Memory + Pro Install

  • Up to 256GB OWC memory.
  • Professional installation.
  • Return shipping will be determined at Checkout.

Due to the complexity of upgrades on the iMac Pro, we recommend professional installation. Have an OWC certified technician install your memory.


OWC Memory

  • Up to 256GB OWC memory.
  • Professional installation required.
  • Difficulty level: Extremely difficult.

The iMac Pro DOES NOT feature a memory door on the back allowing for easy upgrades. Upgrading iMac Pro memory requires dismantling the computer to gain access to the memory slots. This is a highly complex process that requires a skilled technician.

Buying options 2666MHz DDR4 PC4-21300 -- Maximum 256GB memory supported
64GB (16GB x 4)
$679.00 Buy Now
128GB (32GB x 4)
$999.00 Buy Now
128GB (64GB x 2)
$1,179.00 Buy Now
256GB (64GB x 4)
$2,279.00 Buy Now
NOTE: macOS 10.14.3 Mojave or later must be installed before installing any kits utilizing 64GB memory modules. iMac Pro can use either RDIMM or LRDIMM, but they cannot be combined. The system will not function with a mixed configuration. For maximum performance, population of all 4 DIMM slots is recommended.

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iMac Pro 2017 memory install video

OWC Upgrade Service

Upgrade your Mac with certified professional installationNot comfortable working on your own machine? Let our expert technicians upgrade it for you. Quick, easy, and backed by OWC.

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