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Here are the winning videos!
Grand Prize Winner: Toven Stith
This interview with audio engineer Tyler Parkinson captured the hearts of our judges, with Lewis Smithingham saying "It's a beautiful piece and I wouldn't think twice if I saw this on TV or at a trade show. Excellent post production, with detailed attention to sound and visual quality. A very strong piece clearly made by a total pro!" Congratulations Toven!
Runner Up: Joshua Peters
Coming in close second, this entry impressed all our judges with its simplicity. Larry Jordan said: "This spot illustrates that simple is often better. Excellent contrast, simple setup, and a lovely payoff. A traditional commercial format that tells a powerful story. This is the classic definition of a commercial" Great work Joshua!
Honorable Mentions These videos are part of the top ten as chosen by the viewers, and they're pretty awesome too.
Vimeo video

Chris Carter

The judges said: "I liked how they portrayed the creative process, from behind the camera, behind the soundboard and then at the computer."

Vimeo video

Matthew Dringenberg

The judges said: "Very slick, commercial production value. Good use of music and slow motion. Color grade was very strong."

Vimeo video

Shelly Solomon

The judges said: "This was clearly made by a very skilled documentary filmmaker. The use of [voice over] was well done and complimented the images."

Vimeo video

Levi Pike

The judges said: "This was a really creative take that I didn't expect. The text animation was excellent and very well created."

Vimeo video

Jordan Sovis

The judges said: "...excellent use of masks and post effects. I think it's really well done and I think it's definitely the most creative of the entries."

Vimeo video

Patrick Steven

The judges said: "Incredibly talented filmmaker, good story, well edited, good use of music, interesting shots, good use of OWC's role in creativity."

Vimeo video

Kyle White

The judges said: "Crisp editing, in synch with good musical selection." "Funny, energetic, to the point."

Vimeo video

Evan Zeisel

The judges said: "Really strong use of motion graphics. I liked the acting in it as well."

Thanks to everyone who dug deep into their creativity to produce something special. Our Panel of judges was amazed by the overall high standard of all the entries we received.

Watch all the entries here

Thanks also go to our panel of esteemed expert judges.

Judge Cirina Catania
Cirina Catania

Cirina is a veteran writer, director and journalist, a former studio executive and co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival. She is also Senior Editor of

Judge Lewis Smithingham
Lewis Smithingham

Lewis is a NYC-based filmmaker, and has gained international acclaim as an early pioneer of VR film production.

Judge Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan

Larry has been a producer, director and editor for more than 40 years. He's written thousands of articles, eight books and publishes a weekly newsletter.

Judge Ryan Birtcher
Ryan Birtcher

Ryan is President and Founder of Media Stranger, specializing in media and live event production, talent buying, and artist and brand development.

Judge Brad Auerbach
Brad Auerbach

Brad is a writer and contributor for Forbes, and has worked with global companies in senior business development positions.

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