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Must… share… OWC… experience!

While we at OWC always work to bring  our customers great products with great support, we’re not “all work and no play.” If you were at the movie theater in Crystal Lake, IL  (the next town over from our Woodstock facility) last night, you would have come across a large contingent of the OWC Family on an outing to see the new Star Trek movie.

The turnout was tremendous, with OWC employees representing over 90% of the crowd at the showing. We even had our own “Trek Girls” show up in costume, and a great time was had by all. You can check out some more pictures on the OWC Facebook page.

Of course, it would be just a bunch of pointless bragging if I didn’t somehow tie this into a plug for a product via horrible Star Trek puns, so without further ado…

Looking for an easy way to use all that storage “space” that’s going to waste on your older drives? Do you find yourself “shuttling” drives back and forth between a single connector? Well, maybe this will “Spock” your interest…

OWC is “beaming” with pride over the great bundle deals for the award-winning Newer Technology Voyager Q & S2 external drive docks (Get it?… Voyager…)

No “Bones” about it, these are some pretty great deals. Not only do you get a up to 2TB worth of storage, but since it’s Voyager, you can easily pop out out the drive, and use the dock to access any other SATA drives you decided to “Klingon” to – from a slower, smaller laptop drive, to the largest, fastest “Enterprise”-class drives.

Go ahead and “Chekhov” them out. Otherwise I may be forced to subject you to my “warped” sense of humor some more…


M. Chris Stevens
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