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A Green Catalog

If you are an OWC customer, no doubt you’ve received a catalog from us. The reaction to this relatively new program (we’ve mailed 4 times now) has been very positive in many aspects, but a few folks have taken us to task over how this communication tool compromises our commitment to the environment. So…here’s a few facts to consider (before I hit you with the coupe de gras factoid!)

  • we only use FSC-certified, 30% PCW paper (with a high cost premium over “virgin” paper).
  • we only use the highest % soy based inks available that deliver the best drying/appearance results.
  • as such, we have been authorized by various governing organizations to display eco-friendly logos in the catalog.

Now…dig this…according to a study done by the USPS, “the carbon footprint of mail is practically the same as the carbon footprint produced by a household electric coffee maker. In other words, mail does not have a major negative environmental impact.”

OK…I’ll dive into the pool with those of you that are skeptical of studies that make the originator of the study look good. But if you were to look at the complete study, there’s a lot of validity to the findings.

Bottom line, for those of you that are familiar with our environmental stewardship commitment via our LEED-certified building, RoHS certified products, free battery recycling program, etc. I hope you would agree we are certainly doing our part to lessen our operations’ possible impact on the environment.

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