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OWC looks forward to “Customer Service Week” 2011!

If you recall, last year we introduced our readers to Customer Service Week.

This year, Other World Computing, Inc. plans to celebrate once again!
Our theme this year is “Commitment you can count on.”

As always, we are planning an exciting week of recognition and celebration for our entire staff.

  • Breakfast will be served for all on Monday and will include bagels, cookies, danishes, muffins and juice.
  • A surprise treat will be handed out on Tuesday.
  • On another day, donuts and cupcakes for all!
  • The customer service team will be provided with opportunities for representatives to win fabulous prizes by playing poker during the week. A card is received for each good deed or above and beyond moment. Best hands win!
  • Additionally, a trivia day will also allow the team to win fun stuff.

At OWC, we believe that our customers and the way that we support them differentiates us from the competition. We are proud to say that customer satisfaction, support and care are pivotal to our success. So, in that respect, everyone at OWC works in some form of “customer service:” from the staff on the phones, emails, and live chats who help with orders and support; to the folks in our warehouse who make sure the product is built and shipped in a timely fashion; to the Development and Marketing teams who help create and promote the products people want; all the way to the leadership and example set by Larry, our founder and CEO, who places the customer at the top of our organization chart.

So, in closing, when calling, e-mailing, or live-chatting from October 3 through October 7, please don’t forget to wish your OWC representative a happy Customer Service Week. We’re doing it for you!

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  • I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone here at Other World Computing. From Day 1, everyone here has made me feel like part of the family and team and not just a newbie/newtron. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time, and its all because of everyone’s sacrifice and willingness to help me out. Everyone on the team will take time out of their busy schedule to help me with my questions no matter what they may be doing and I am very appreciative of that. Very rarely do you find a job where you actually wake up in the morning and you are excited to go work and look forward to seeing the individuals you work with, who seem to sincerely care for you and want you to succeed. Its truly a blessing to come to work everyday and learn new and exciting products, information, as well as interacting with my fellow co-workers and learning valuable information from them.

    When I first started this job, I didn’t know what to expect. My first week quickly awoke my eyes and made me realize that this obviously was more than your typical job. It started off by me meeting my fellow trainee, Nick, who I know will be a great asset here at OWC. Nick has been not only a great person to work with, but a great friend as well. Day 2 started by me losing my fob and having to go explain to Mr. Larry O’ Connor that the one thing you just told me 24 hours ago not to lose…… Yeah……… What was even better was on Day 3 going to his office and telling him I found my fob after I just told him the day before I had lost it. I told Mr. O’ Connor that I would sleep with my fob under my pillow from now on and I have kept my promise ever since (wellllllll… not exactly). Most importantly I met the person who would be giving me all the knowledge and tools to be a great success at Other World Computing, Ben Priest, who threw so much knowledge at me the first week, I was more lost than the ABC hit tv show . But as the weeks have gone by and our training is nearing its end, I am starting to understand the ropes: products, procedures, etc., and I am eager and excited to get out on the floor with the team and help out in any way I possibly can.

    I would like to thank Darla and Rob who were very instrumental in giving me a chance with OWC and I am very humbled that they decided to take a chance on me, considering that my knowledge of Mac was very limited. Rob has been great and it feels good to know that I can go to my boss and talk to him whenever I like, whether it be about OWC or the Bears losing on Sundays! But most importantly, I would like to thank Ben Priest for everything he’s done for me. Ben from day 1 has given me the information and tools I needed to be successful with this company. Ben has been such a great help, sharing all his knowledge on products, procedures and ways to be successful here at OWC. Ben has gone over and beyond helping me, being patient with me and answering all my questions, (well…. most of the time!!!) Even when I pose the same question 50 different ways and forget things he mentioned 5 minutes prior, Ben will go out of his way to make sure I get it and I can honestly say that all this madness is slowly starting to make sense. Although I do have a lot to learn and a long way to go, Ben Priest has given me valuable tools to be successful in my new career. Plus its going to be a great help that Ben’s desk is right across the street from mine. And Ben just so you know, if I learned anything from training, its TO JUST TURN THE DOOR KNOB!!!!

    To everyone else on the Customer Service, Sales and Tech Support Team, thank you for all your help, answering my questions, my jabbers, letting me just walk up to your cubicle while you’re emailing, taking a call and live chatting all at the same time, but will stop what you are doing to answer my questions, but more importantly, just being great people to work with. To everyone else in the office and even in the warehouse, thank you for being who you are. Although we may only see each other in passing or in the lunchroom, just the hellos and small talk make my transition into this company a smooth one and make me feel like I’ve been working here for years and not 29 days.

    Thanks again everyone for just being who you are and I look forward to building lots of great relationships and contributing in any way I possibly can here at OWC!!!

  • My favorite event of our Customer Service week, is our company potluck. We are no strangers to the “potluck”. We typically host a potluck around different holidays as a way to celebrate as the OWC Team.

    This year for Customer Service Week, we had everything from homeade pierogies, zucchini stew, spicy chili, garlic hummus and spinach dip, to coconut frosted chocolate cupcakes and fudge brownies. This type of get together can be appreciated by everyone since, of course, everyone has to eat. It is an opportunity to learn more about your colleagues, and to share with them as well. We can share a laugh, a recipe, a like or dislike. Either way, it brings people together, which is exactly what we want. Whether it is our internal team of those of you reading this blog, we want to thank you for being here.

    “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” ~Henry Ford

  • Happy Customer Week!

    I only had a few email exchanges with customer support staff, but the helpful and proactive attitude showed immediately. It was a pleasure to get informed and timely responses – well done!