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OWC ‘Thinks Service’ During Customer Service Week and Beyond!

csw2013You think about a lot of different things during the day. Do you want a McFlurry or a Frosty (or both)? Should you grow a mustache? And if so, what kind would accentuate your face best—Handlebar, Fu Manchu, Imperial? What exactly is Will Smith doing RIGHT NOW? But out of all the random thoughts we have, this week we are encouraging all of Team OWC to “Think Service” in everything they do.

From October 7-11, OWC will be celebrating Customer Service Week, and this year’s theme is “Think Service.” For this week and every day throughout the year, we are encouraging our team to think about how they can provide the best possible service to everyone with whom they interact. How do we encourage this you ask? Well, what is a bigger motivator than food and prizes?!

As always, we will be planning an exciting week for our entire staff that will include the following (warning: make sure you are not hungry before proceeding with this blog post):

  • Breakfast will be served for all on Monday and will include bagels, cookies (don’t tell your mom you had cookies for breakfast), Danishes (probably best not to tell her about those either), and juice
  • A surprise lunch treat will be handed out on Tuesday for the entire staff (we’d tell you but then we’d be worried you’d call our team and give away the surprise)
  • In the famous words of Homer Simpson “Mmm…donuts…”
  • On yet another day, the cinnamon-sugary delight of churros will be in the air…and the remnants on everyone’s faces
  • An “Alphabet Soup” Potluck (no, we don’t just have an affinity for spelling out childish and inappropriate things with large quantities of letter-shaped noodles). We’re asking our team to bring foods that start with every letter of the alphabet. Some letters are easy (Brownies, Pasta Salad, Cake), while the person with the letter “X” is going to have to stay up all night trying to think of some “X-tra Special” recipes
  • Pizza. Glorious, cheesy pizza
  • And if food isn’t enough (which, let’s be honest, when is it not?) the team will be provided with opportunities to win fabulous prizes by playing various games during the week. A fun addition to this year’s festivities is the “baby game” where we will be guessing which team member is that adorable child covered in blue cake)

Customer Service Week was officially recognized as a national event by Congress in 1992 and is celebrated annually during the first full week of October. This international event is devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and to honoring the people who serve and support customers.

All of the festivities going on around OWC this week are not just to encourage the team to “Think Service,” but also to serve as a thank you to our Customer Service Reps and our entire team that works so hard to provide the strong commitment to our customers, known to us as the “OWC Difference.”

Customer Service Week serves as a reminder of why we do what we do and renews our focus on thinking service. We realize that we are here because of our customers, and we will continue to be there for them by providing the high level of service that has become synonymous with OWC.

Happy Customer Service Week!

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