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NewerTech Introduces Premium-Quality USB 2.0 Charging, Syncing, and Extension Cables for iPods, iPhones, and iPads

Newer Technology, Inc. announced today the availability of its new premium-quality 30-Pin Dock Connector to USB 2.0 cables in four sizes: 3″, 12″, 36″, and 72″. The fully Apple®-certified cables utilize the power and convenience of USB 2.0 for charging and syncing an iPod, iPhone, and iPad via a standard 30-pin Dock Connector. Also new and offering up to triple the length of any USB to Dock cable is the Newer Technology USB Extension Cable which features an on/off switch to provide charging without syncing functionality.

Four Sizes of Charging/Syncing Convenience

  • 3″ 30 Pin Dock Connector to USB 2.0 Cable: With a petite 3″ length, it’s ideal for travelers requiring minimal bulk. $9.95 MSRP
  • 12″ 30 Pin Dock Connector to USB 2.0 Cable: With a modest 12″ length, it’s ideal for desktop users seeking to keep their workspace clutter free. $11.95 MSRP
  • 36″ 30 Pin Dock Connector to USB 2.0 Cable: With a generous 36″ length, it offers flexibility in desktop placement and iOS device usage. $14.95 MSRP
  • 72″ 30 Pin Dock Connector to USB 2.0 Cable: With an extended 72″ length, it offers long distance reach so an iOS device user can relax and work in a favorite chair while charging the device from a remotely located USB wall charger. $19.95 MSRP

Charge from Remote Distance Plus Eliminate Undesired Syncing
The Newer Technology USB Extension Cable enables iOS device users to add up to triple the length of an existing USB to Dock Connector cable for long distance charging and syncing. This cable also adds the functionality of a “charge only” switch so users can charge their iPod, iPhone, or iPad without having to sync the device via iTunes. It can even be used to charge friends’and family members’ iOS devices without fear of accidentally syncing with a different iTunes® account and erasing their music library.

  • 1 Meter USB Extension Cable: Adds over 39″ length to an existing USB to Dock Connector cable $14.99 MSRP
  • 2 Meter USB Extension Cable: Adds over 78″ length to an existing USB to Dock Connector cable $19.99 MSRP


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  • Also good to have a Charge-only cable when traveling if you ever use a ‘charging station’. (Black hat IIRC had a demo/example of a ‘free charging station’ that also did data grabs)

      • I look forward to OWC 12″ thunderbolt cables as I use a lot of FW800 12″ cables for daisy chaining drives.

        I would also be handy to go with a OWC thunderbolt (+FW800, USB, HDMI, eSATA) hub that would fit under a Mac mini. :-)

  • Does anyone have any idea what the throughput of Apples 30 pin connector is? *cough cough thunderbolt cough*

    • 480MBit… basically limited to what USB 2.0 can do, which is theoretical max of 60MB/s – but I don’t believe Apple’s devices get close to that… and not sure they’d benefit from Thunderbolt (talking iPod, iPhone, iPad) if not currently maxing USB2. But even if we said that those devices were being limited right now, Thunderbolt would be very expensive to add and also require increased device size as well. While likely will see some other connection replace the 30 pin in the future (Magsafe w/data perhaps), I don’t think going to see Thunderbolt implemented on the iDevices any time soon.