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Early Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals From OWC!

It’s that time of year again, where traditionalists head out into the freezing cold (or the blistering heat for those in the southern hemisphere) in search of the perfect gifts for loved ones.

Fortunately, with OWC, you don’t need to camp out in front of a store, waste time standing in snail slow checkout lines, or wait for tomorrow in an attempt to get a great deal on tech gear. We’ve got over 250 featured items on our Cyber Specials page – it’s like “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” both in one day…or a Turducken…except it starts today and runs through this entire weekend. And some specials will even run through the entire season!

Whether those on your good list have a legacy machine, a new 6G capable Mac, or any of the myriad of iDevices, we have something that will make it run faster, last longer, look sharp, in short, make it better than when it was new…and in some cases, better than the latest models from Apple.

While it would take forever to describe all the tasty deals, there are a few that we’d definitely like to highlight…and make sure to read to the end to see how we make these deals even better…as irresistible as that third helping of stuffing and gravy:

First on the list are our High-Capacity Hard Drive specials. Even though the flooding in Southeast Asia has caused hard drive supplies to dwindle, we’re not going to gouge you on the price. In fact, we’re continuing to price our drives extremely competitively. We have 1TB hard drives starting at $125, 2TB drives from $159 and even 3TB drives as low as $219.

And if we can turn out a great deal with something as scarce as platter-based drives, you can imagine what kinds of deals we have on our award-winning solid state drives. We’ve got holiday specials starting from only $49.99 on capacities up to 480GB!

Of course, if you’re replacing drives with larger ones, it’s probably not a bad idea to keep the older ones around and re-use them for added storage. One of the simplest ways to do this is with a NewerTech Voyager drive dock, which we’ve got on special, for up to 25% off!

When it comes down to it, though, much of the holidays revolves around time with family. Unfortunately, our families are spread further and further across the country, making it hard for everybody to get together. That doesn’t mean you can’t see them, though. You can add a USB webcam to your computer and chat with those favorite family members who are too far away to see otherwise. Our special holiday pricing on webcams (up to 50% off!) makes that option even more attractive.

And that’s just like the whipped cream on pumpkin pie! Here’s some other great holiday deals!

Just when you thought this feast of savings couldn’t get more tempting, we’ve also got some great holiday shipping specials.

  • Shipping starting from $0.99 for USA, $3.99 International
  • FREE Delivery available within USA for Memory orders $49 & Up
  • FREE Delivery available within USA for Most any order $99 & Up (may exclude Hawaii/Alaska)

Of course, as with many offers like this (and turkey legs), supplies on some items are limited, so you need to act fast if you want to catch the best deals. There’s also the possibility of even more specials being added as the season progresses, so stay tuned to the OWC Blog and keep checking our Holiday Specials page for the latest information.

And on behalf of the entire OWC Team, may you and yours have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Rocket Yard Contributor
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  • Thank you for the reply, Grant. I see you added a $20.99 Instant Rebate to the Legacy SSD pages, when purchased with Parallels (and/or a copy of Windows), and you also added a $12.00 Instant Rebate when purchasing the 2.5″ to 3.5″ drive bay adapter bracket. However, I would like to point out two things:

    1) Your Parallels offer is rather out-of-place in conjunction with a “Legacy” SSD product that only works on older Macs that have IDE/ATA interfaces, most of which cannot run Parallels at all. So your Parallels offer is not an incentive at all for most people to buy one of your Legacy SSDs.

    2) Your second offer of the hard drive bracket is more useful for people who have older desktop Macs (e.g., the G4 Cube), so that offer makes logical sense on your Legacy SSD page. However, that bracket offer appears to have an error because it says, only for “purchases made between 09/08/2011 and 10/08/2012.” Of course, it’s November 26th today — long past October 8th. So I assume your dates are simply in error? Or is this offer no longer available? Even so, this would not save your Legacy SSD customers any money unless they absolutely needed a 3.5″ bracket.

    I do apologize for being persistent on the matter, but I still feel strongly there would be a much greater sales incentive if your IDE/ATA “Legacy” SSDs were priced similarly as your SATA edition SSDs. I understand you may have logical reasons for keeping your 40GB IDE/ATA Legacy drive at nearly $150 while your 60GB SATA version is a mere $119; but from a consumer’s standpoint, it is quite baffling and is an incentive for would-be buyers to merely wait around until your Legacy SSD prices do come down. And given that only vintage Mac owners will want to buy your Legacy drives in the first place, please consider that they’ve waited this long for an SSD, so they would be happy to wait even longer until prices come down. But as a business that would prefer not to allow dust or cob webs to settle on its inventory, I know OWC would rather sell the Legacy SSDs NOW rather than a year from now. And to be honest, a lot of would-be buyers would also rather buy NOW too, *if* the price was right. And again, please consider well that I am not unique. I can see that the pricing of your Legacy SSDs are much higher than your IDE/ATA edition SSDs, which makes us want to wait in hopes of seeing the Legacy SSD pricing come down to the same level or lower.

    As a vintage Mac enthusiast, I would be encouraged to buy more than one of your Legacy SSDs if the price could come down. I’ve been eagerly awaiting that, in fact, for many months now.

    If for whatever reason you cannot drop the prices of the legacy drives, then at the very least I would like to suggest that you perhaps could still help your target customer (i.e., vintage Mac owners) by bundling the formatting software they need to make the most of your Legacy SSDs; namely, Intech Hard Disk SpeedTools for OS 9:

    This is important seeing that Apple’s formatter for OS 9 and earlier cannot format anything except for Apple branded drives. And Intech SpeedTools is known to accelerate drive performance over other formatting tools such as FWB Toolkit.

    Even so, a noticeable and meaningful price cut on your Legacy drives themselves would result in more sales for you than a software bundle. Honestly, in my case, if you offered the Intech SpeedTools for free with a the 40GB Legacy drive at its current $149 price point, I would buy one. But if you lowered the Legacy 40GB drive price in accordance with your SATA SSD prices, then I would buy two, or perhaps even 3. Furthermore, I am active in a lot of vintage Mac forums (as are many vintage Mac enthusiasts), and I would certainly spread the good word that OWC had lowered its pricing on the LEGACY edition SSDs, posting a direct URL on where they could click to buy one. Certainly, I would NOT be your only customer inspired by lower pricing to purchase your Legacy SSDs.

    Thank you for listening!

    • Silly me, I commented about the 3.5″ bracket offer that runs between “09/08/2011 and 10/08/2012” thinking it was in error because in my mind I was thinking “09/08/2011 and 10/08/2011.” Sorry about that. Must have been Holiday Madness.

      Thank you, Grant, for the discounts today. I see you have the 40GB Legacy drive on special now! Your kindness toward vintage Mac enthusiasts is sincerely appreciated.

      Merry Christmas!

      James Wages

  • Hi!

    I too have been eyeing the Mercury Legacy Pro 60GB version since i commented on it last year! Just putting my comments out here as well. =D

    @ James, maybe it’ll be there for a Christmas special!

    Thanks OWC for your gnarly products, enjoy the Holidays!


  • same here, I will be buying a legacy ssd’s or not depending on the rebate size. Otherwise waiting till next year till prices go down

  • Great deals on your SSDs. However, can we expect any similar deals on your LEGACY edition SSDs?

    For example, your 60GB Mercury Electra 6G SSD 2.5″ Serial-ATA normally goes for $129, and you have it on special for $119. But your 40GB Mercury Legacy Pro SSD 2.5″ IDE/ATA is still a whopping $148, with currently no discounts whatsoever, despite it being 20GB smaller than your 60B Mercury Electra!

    Lowering the price wouldn’t just encourage me to buy just one. I might be encouraged to buy two (depending on the discount). Ditto for your NewerTech NuPower® Batteries (NWTBAPLLIWSRS) and Newer PRAM batteries (NWTPRAMPBG3WS) for legacy PowerBooks.

    Thank you!

    • Hi James and thanks for being an early “doorbuster” ;-) Glad to see you like the deals and are interested in our Legacy models. We’ll take your sentiments under advisement. Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Hello,

        I would love to be able to get one of your legacy SSDs for my Powerbook Wallstreet. They are a bit much compared to their SATA cousins so I originally tried a very small transcend drive… I won’t make that mistake again. (That was the first… and last time I will ever buy an SSD without your name on it.)

        I would love to see some deals on your legacy SSDs. Whenever my clients want an SSD or a “very reliable” drive I always point them here. I’ve yet to have one person unhappy with one of your SSDs as a replacement drive. I’ve felt the performance difference they make in my customer’s repair units and would love to be able to get one for my personal unit.