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OWC’s “Area 51” Has Deals Too Good to be Kept Secret

We’ve all heard about that mysterious military facility in southern Nevada shrouded in secrecy and rumored repository of alien artifacts. We know a lot of experimental aircraft have gone through development there, and there are all sorts of theories of what other things may be going on past the video surveillance, armed guards and signs mentioning that “use of deadly force is authorized.” Whatever’s there, though, we’re pretty sure it’s something that a lot of people want to see.

OWC has its own “Area 51,” of sorts, except our version has considerably fewer alien autopsies and threats of violence. Instead, we’ve got 51 jaw-dropping deals that aren’t going to be around long, because we’re pricing them to move over the next few days.

With deals starting at 39¢ and absolutely nothing over $60, these treasures are not to be missed. But don’t wait too long; you need to order by Saturday. If you don’t, these great deals will disappear, just like those lights in the sky along Nevada State Route 375. So check them out now… before it’s too late!


OWC Chris S.
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