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OWC Enterprise SSD Certified for Mission Critical, SMB, and Studio Use

Other World Computing announced today its new OWC Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G Solid State Drive. Certified for mission-critical deployments that demand the highest performance and data reliability, the drive delivers data rates of more than 500MB/s, up to 100x greater data protection, and up to 90 percent lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to the highest-rated enterprise-class hard disk drives (HDDs). For added protection, OWC’s new Enterprise SSD completes data writes during unexpected power outages and is backed by the SSD industry’s longest warranty—seven years. The OWC Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G will be available by the end of Q1 2012 in 50, 100, 200, and 400GB capacities with pricing from $629.00. OWC will highlight the Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G along with its broad line of award-winning SSDs in its booth #5231 in the LVCC North Hall during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which begins Tuesday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lowest Possible Cost per IOPS

The Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSD combines the latest SandForce 2500 Series processor with endurance-optimizing SandForce DuraClass technology with Enterprise Toggle Syncronous (eMLC) 10K PE flash NAND to deliver more that 3x the reliability and lifespan of standard MLC NAND. The SandForce Driven SSD also delivers up to 60K IOPS, and over 500MB/s data rates. By ensuring the highest levels of balanced read/write performance, the Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSD keeps the all important cost per IOPS ratio at the lowest possible level while still providing the critical reliability and performance metrics required by demanding applications.

Up to 90 Percent Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G offers up to 90% lower TCO compared to traditional hard drives because fewer SSDs are required to achieve the same IOPS performance level that multiple hard drives provide. With fewer drives required:

–       power consumption is dramatically reduced by up to 90%

–       drive environment cooling requirements are significantly reduced

–       fewer storage racks are needed

–       data center space expansion can be delayed or even eliminated

Built Specifically to Handle I/O Intensive Applications

Designed for I/O-intensive enterprise servers, storage arrays, and high-end workstations; as well as small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) in the financial, telecom, web/mail, gaming, public security, retail, and professional media creation/editing industries, the Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G is ideal for:

–       highest performance, lowest latency

–       intense input/output (I/O) workloads

–       online transaction processing (OLTP)

–       data warehousing, data mining, and web serving

–       dynamic tiered storage solutions

–        transaction-intense Tier 0 storage

Writes Data Even During Power Outage

To maintain data integrity and prevent data loss during unexpected power interruptions, the Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G employs OWC’s proprietary Paratus Power Technology. This internal power solution is designed to automatically and seamlessly supply sufficient power to ensure any existing writes will be committed/retired to the Enterprise Pro 6G and shut the drive down properly.

ROI as Fast as the Drive

By deploying Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSDs for an I/O-intensive task such as an Extract Transform Load (ETL) process, an IT department can reduce data sessions involving up to 25 million records from eight hours to two hours. With six hours of newfound data analysis, an IT staff can execute multiple sessions on the same day. That’s a competitive advantage that can be used to deliver an immediate ROI impact on the bottom line.

Double the Data Security

Highest-level security protocols are used to ensure data stored in the Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G is safe from loss, theft, or repurposing. Data is automatically stored in a highly secure AES-256/128 hardware double encrypted format; and the drive meets all TCG Enterprise Security requirements.

World Record Proven in Enterprise Applications

Because SandForce processors have proven themselves in the Enterprise arena by enabling IBM Power Systems servers to set a world record TPC-C Online Transaction Processing benchmark, OWC confidently chose them to power the Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSD. In fact, SandForce Driven processors have been at the heart of OWC’s award-winning built-in-the-USA SSD line since its introduction in 2010.

Our expertise in designing class-leading Solid State Drives continues to evolve as we pursue new user markets,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “Our 3G consumer and 6G prosumer models are widely viewed as offering the best combination of price, performance, and support available and we’re now bringing those same advantages to Enterprise and SMB users with a best-in-class model that also offers massive positive bottom line impact.”

Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G Key Features:

• Second-generation SandForce 2500 series processor with 28 percent over provisioning maximizes high-density NAND flash memory performance

• 6G (6Gb/s) SATA Revision 3.0 interface with NCQ

• Uses Toshiba Enterprise Toggle Synchronous (eMLC) 10K PE NAND flash for up to 3x the reliability and lifespan of standard MLC NAND

• Maintains highest levels of balanced read/write performance (up to 60K IOPS and over 500MB/s data rates)

• Qualified for use with all RAID levels

• Longest SSD warranty in the industry: seven years

• Uses OWC Paratus Power Technology to ensure any existing writes will be committed/retired to prevent data loss and shut the drive down properly during an unexpected power interruption

Pricing, Availability

The OWC Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G will be available from Other World Computing, as well as through select retailers, by the end of Q1 2012 in the following MSRP configurations:

  • 50GB —   $629.00
  • 100GB — $799.00
  • 200GB — $1,349.00
  • 400GB — $2,199.00

and can be used in racks, subsystems, servers, and workstations that utilize 2.5″ or 3.5″ (with adapter) SATA drives.

Joins Industry’s Most Comprehensive SSD Line for Macs and PCs
The new Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G model joins OWC’s existing line of performance-leading, world record-breaking 3G (3Gb/s) and 6G (6Gb/s) Mercury SSDs available for nearly every Mac and PC produced over the past decade. Capacities range from 30GB to 480GB with prices starting at $54.99.


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  • Very impressive.

    This is GREAT WORK OWC!!!!

    These are excellent. Im eager to see your next upgrades in the enterprise line of SSDs.

    Do you have any tests done on the PARATUS technology showing it’s reliability?

    Please please keep this line up and continue development.

  • It is still a SATA connector, right? Are you calling it an Enterprise SSD from enterprise application performance perspective or a true Enterprise SSD in every aspect? For example, in an enterprise deployment, most of the storage systems would have a dual-controller (SAS), two ports per connector, but in the case of SATA it is just one port. In a dual-controller system, if one wants to use a single-ported SATA SSD, then obviously a connector adapter must be used from storage vendor, but even then it is just an option to use a SATA drive with a dual-controller system, but performance wise it would still be a single port performance.

    • The Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSD is built to operate under more I/O intensive environments than its predecessors and has added features, such as the above-described Paratus technology, to address the issues faced in a 24/7, high access applications often utilized in enterprise.

      There is room in the market for both SATA and SAS Enterprise SSDs. While this is our entry into the former, we’ve also looked into the latter as a possibility at some point in the future. If and when it manifests, we have not yet determined.

  • wow! impressive, but what about the stupid limit of 96gbram may you pressure apple or indicate them the poor mistake!?