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The Other World – Episode 48

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  • “Well, I’m ready to order a 2011 Mac Mini at the Apple Web site…8GBs, a monitor adapter, and a Super Drive equals $1010…and since I’ll be going from Snow Leopard to Lion, I’ll need Parallels 7 in order to keep running Windows – that’s an additional $80 for a grand total of $1090.

    “The Parallels I have is an OEM copy I bought from OWC, so I don’t believe I qualify for the $50 upgrade price. But I’m not complaining…and as long as I’ve thought about OWC, why don’t I mosey on over there and see if they’re selling Parallels 7? Yes, at full price — but what’s this? I can get an OEM of Parallels 7 for only $40 with a purchase of $65 or more? That’s less than the upgrade discount!

    “But before I go back to Apple.com and order my Mini, let’s see if OWC is selling RAM for it. Yep – only $55 for 8GBs. And what do you know? They also have the monitor adapter I need for only $15 — HALF of what Apple wants!

    “Which means that if I got a 2GB Mini and Super Drive from Apple, and 8GBs of RAM and the adapter from OWC, I could also get an OEM of Parallels 7 for a grand total of $790…Wow, this is going to be a tough call…” ;)